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Amazon Linux Ready Program Updated to Include the Next-Generation Amazon Linux Operating System

By Joanne Moore, Sr. Launch Product Manager – AWS
By Jim Weingarten, Sr. Partner Development Specialist – AWS

Amazon Linux 2 provides a secure, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run cloud and enterprise applications.

We are excited to announce the updated Amazon Linux Ready Program, which will now validate AWS Partner software products that run on Amazon Linux 2 as well as the next-generation Amazon Linux 2022.

Amazon Linux 2 Partner software products have been technically validated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to follow security, availability, reliability, performance, and other architectural best practices. To qualify for validation, AWS Partners must run quality assurance and security tests on their software, and provide support for their products on Amazon Linux 2.

With this program update, AWS customers will be able find validated ISV products on Amazon Linux 2, Amazon Linux 2022, or both, with the confidence that these applications have been vetted through a robust technical review by AWS.

Using validated products from Amazon Linux Ready Partners gives customers the benefit of running their preferred applications on Amazon Linux, with long-term support and optimized performance for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and other AWS services.

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AWS Service Ready

The AWS Service Ready Program validates AWS Partners who have demonstrated success delivering products that integrate with or use AWS services as a backend.

To qualify, each AWS Partner must provide detailed product information which is validated by AWS Partner Solution Architects against specific technical criteria. Through this program, we can confidently recommend AWS Partner products with sound architecture that meet AWS best practices.

How AWS Partners Can Get Started

To determine whether this designation fits the strengths of your company’s solution offering, please review the Amazon Linux Ready Validation Checklist.

AWS Partners looking to get validated through the AWS Service Ready Program must be confirmed members of the ISV Partner Path in the AWS Partner Network (APN), and pass a technical validation prior to qualifying.

Be sure to review the AWS Service Ready Program Guide before applying.