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AWS Partner Generative AI Playbook, Partner Marketing Kits, Customer Journey Insights, and Market Data

By Priya Arora, Global Head of Generative AI Center of Excellence – AWS Partner Organization

In the context of generative artificial intelligence (AI), one theme that stood out for me above all others from AWS re:Invent 2023 is that change is constant.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Adam Selipsky even put it this way in his keynote: “Everyone is moving fast, experimenting, learning, and at the same time the generative AI technology itself is evolving quickly.”


These market dynamics are the genesis for why AWS launched the Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) for AWS Partners, an exclusive digital experience open to all partners within the AWS Partner Network (APN). We’re encouraged by the warm welcome and active engagement from the AWS Partner community, with more than 1,000 partners leveraging and engaging with the new CoE since launch.

AWS Partners across the world are sharing their excitement for the potential of this Center of Excellence:

“We believe the AI Center of Excellence will have a vital role in assisting partners and customers in keeping up with the latest advancements in generative AI, comprehending their implications, and ultimately deploying them to enhance client outcomes,” says Vladimir Lukic, Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Leader, Tech and Digital Advantage at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

At this year’s re:Invent, there were more than 180 service launches and top new features announced. Not surprisingly, 44 of those launches were generative AI-related. You can review the announcements, along with additional resources which we’ll continue to add to in the CoE.

Be sure to check out upcoming live webinars covering new generative AI announcements for partners through AWS Training and Certification.

Generative AI CoE Featured Content – December 2023

At AWS re:Invent 2023, I had the opportunity to personally sit down with dozens of AWS Partners to showcase examples of the content and resources available in the CoE, as well as host partners at our inaugural generative AI CoE events. This included a responsible AI partner panel and networking event, partner roundtables, and roadmap sessions.

The feedback I received from partners during re:Invent was consistent—how do we access more content?

Starting with this monthly blog post, I plan to highlight recommended content to help AWS Partners get started with the most popular resources available in our generative AI CoE. These posts will include actionable guidance on how to leverage the resources to support your generative AI strategies, and highlight new content that builds on the themes, partner conversations, and announcements AWS made at re:Invent.

Partner Generative AI Playbook

The Generative AI Partner Playbook (AWS Partner Central login required) has been the most downloaded resource from the CoE since launching in November 2023. It provides a comprehensive view of AWS best practices and resources recommended for partners building their generative AI practices.

We’ll continue to update this playbook as we evolve and grow AWS’s support for partners around generative AI. I recommend referencing this asset as you build your 2024 generative AI strategies on AWS. It will help to ensure you have plans and goals to leverage existing partner programs and resources for your generative AI offerings.

Understanding the Economics of Generative AI Training

Generative AI delivers business outcomes and values. These days, we talk a lot about foundation model (FM) accuracy, token limits, and throughput rates, but long-term generative AI must include conversations around total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI), and varied business input metrics depending on the use case.

We launched the CoE with the first of a three-part generative AI ROI training for partners called “Understanding Generative AI Deployment Options, Economics, and Value-Based Selling.” This training is focused on expanding your terminology and understanding of the inputs that maximize business value derived through generative AI.

I’m excited to share that we’ve made available the companion resources and tools from this training available for partners:

Amazon Bedrock Asset Packs

With generative AI, speed is strategy and customers are looking to move quickly to build and deploy applications while keeping security and privacy top of mind. Amazon Bedrock is the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with FMs and large language models (LLMs). Many AWS Partners are actively building with Amazon Bedrock to support our joint customers’ needs on generative AI.

The AWS Service Asset Pack – Amazon Bedrock provides a comprehensive set of resources to support education for partner teams on the service offering and value proposition. It shows your builders how to optimize all of the Bedrock capabilities and features, and provides resources to support your teams engaging in active customer conversations.

Partner Marketing Kits

A new edition to the CoE is a generative AI Partner Ready Campaign which is available in AWS Partner Marketing Central (login required). We encourage partners to leverage these campaign assets to build and launch generative AI campaigns that include approved AWS messaging.

This campaign includes pre-made customizable templates for emails, landing pages, solution briefs, web banner ads of varying standard sizes, social media ads, generic copy blocks, ebooks, and a webinar deck.

These assets, exclusive for AWS Partners, will enable you to engage customers in sales conversations regarding generative AI on AWS, and position your solution(s) to help customers scale their models and generative AI apps securely and responsibly on the most performant and low-cost infrastructure for generative AI.

Customer Trends

One of our goals in the CoE is to collect and share relevant market and customer insights to help AWS Partners understand and deliver on customer needs. We recently completed a market survey with over 850 respondents focused on understanding the generative AI adoption journey. One of the takeaways showed that four out of five customers use partners to adopt their generative AI solutions.

We have compiled highlights of the key insights from that survey in this training: Customer Trends – Generative AI Adoption Journey. It addresses questions and challenges customers may face on their generative AI journeys, and how AWS Partners are best positioned to address these challenges. The training can be leveraged to inform your 2024 investment areas around solution development or offerings, and support active customer conversations.

Stay Current with the Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners

Visit the Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners and start leveraging our growing catalog of generative AI resources to accelerate your strategies and offerings on AWS.

The objective of this CoE is for AWS Partners to help their customers take advantage of the capabilities generative AI has to offer. We are committed to providing partners with real-time access to the same resources available to AWS customer engagement and technical field resources, and first-party market research specific to the partner motion and generative AI customer requirements.

  • AWS Partners can create unlimited unique logins to Partner Central so that individuals across your organization have direct access to the content. Please share this registration page with your teams so they can create an individual login.
  • Additionally, our CoE team is actively working across our partner community to build custom engagement plans, including completion goals, CoE content integration into existing learning plans, and custom learning paths. If you’re interested in building your 2024 CoE engagement plan with support from AWS, reach out to

As the global lead for the Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners, I look forward to sharing monthly updates and helping you navigate and optimize your experience with the growing generative AI resources available to AWS Partners.