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AWS Startup Showcase Highlights the Culture of Innovation that Helps Startups Succeed

By Jeremy Arnon, Sr. Partner Development Manager at AWS

Since our inception, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has believed the most important companies of tomorrow are the startups of today. Startups are the lifeblood of innovation. They are the risk-takers who solve complex problems. They are the dreamers who can disrupt entire industries.

At AWS, we believe in the power of startups and are proud to support them every step of the way. Through the AWS Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program, we are helping hundreds of VC-backed ISVs accelerate their growth through go-to-market programs and co-selling expertise.

We are excited to continue showing our support through the inaugural AWS Startup Showcase, a virtual AWS Loft-style event we’re hosting in partnership with theCUBE, a world leader in enterprise tech media that focuses on digital transformation and cultures of innovation.

The event is geared towards a diverse audience of business decision makers, developers, and IT professionals. Customers and AWS Partners alike will meet 10 of the most innovative companies from the APN Global Startup Program, who will present their latest offerings and innovations on managing and using data at cloud-scale.

The event will be streamed live to a registered audience on March 24, as well as syndicated to other platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn.

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AWS Partners You Should Know

AWS provides a broad and fully integrated portfolio of cloud computing services to help companies build, secure, and deploy big data applications. With 50+ services and hundreds of features added every year, AWS provides everything you need to collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data on the cloud.

With new capabilities and features added constantly, businesses can leverage the latest technologies and stay ahead of the curve for their customers.

There are so many great partners using AWS services to innovate with data, and you can learn more about these innovative companies at the AWS Startup Showcase.


Amplitude helps organizations deeply understand their digital customer behavior, predict the actions that correlate to business outcomes, and quickly adapt the customer experience to maximize revenue. More than 40,000 digital applications use Amplitude to answer strategic questions about how customers use their digital products, and where to place their digital bets to maximize revenue.


AutoGrid provides technology solutions to enable a smarter, cleaner, and more distributed electric power grid. The grid is currently undergoing a massive transformation driven by accelerating adoption of connected devices, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and battery storage.

Energy companies require robust orchestration and optimization capabilities to ensure stability and reliability, as well as to maximize revenue potential from these new energy assets. AutoGrid works with some of the world’s largest energy companies to provide AI-driven predictive controls solutions to harness the evolving energy landscape.


BigID is a data intelligence platform that enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape.

By applying advanced machine learning and deep data insight, BigID transforms data discovery and intelligence to address privacy, security, and governance challenges across all types of data, at petabyte-scale, both on-premises and in the cloud.


Cordial is a cross-channel messaging and data platform for customer-obsessed brands. Marketing and technology teams use Cordial to collect customer data, build audience segments, discover trends, and automate personalized customer experiences at enterprise scale.

With a flexible, real-time data platform and reusable messaging workflows, brands can quickly create personalized, cross-channel experiences that increase customer engagement and lifetime value.


Dremio is a next-generation data lake engine that liberates your data with live, interactive queries directly on cloud data lake storage. Their data lake engine offers tools to help streamline and curate data. Customers use Dremio to accelerate business intelligence, drive data science, and modernize data analytics.


Kong creates software and managed services that connect APIs and microservices natively across all clouds, orchestration platforms, and protocols. Built on an open source core, Kong’s connectivity fabric allows organizations to rapidly, reliably, and securely manage the full lifecycle of APIs and services for modern architectures, including microservices, Kubernetes, serverless, and service mesh.

By providing developer teams with unprecedented freedom to build, Kong accelerates time to market, increases developer productivity, and seamlessly bridges legacy and modern systems.


MontyCloud helps customers manage and monitor their cloud services. CIOs, IT administrators, and engineers know that well-managed cloud operations is at the core of digital transformation in order to enable and empower their CloudOps teams for success.

In just a few clicks with MontyCloud, customers can simplify provisioning, enforce security and compliance, set up budget guardrails, and automate routine operations with MontyCloud’s DAY2 Autonomous CloudOps platform. Customers use MontyCloud to reduce their total cost of cloud operations by up to 70 percent.


Reltio disrupted the master data management (MDM) software market when it launched the first cloud-native MDM software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform nearly a decade ago on AWS. The Reltio Connected Data Platform uniquely features big data architecture to manage massive data volumes in real-time for operational, analytical, and data science use cases.

Reltio customers include nine of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, market leaders in healthcare, financial services, and technology, major travel and hospitality brands, and prestigious international luxury consumer brands in fashion, retail, and personal care.


Stardog, the industry’s first cloud-native enterprise knowledge graph platform, turns data into knowledge to power more effective digital transformations. Industry leaders use Stardog to create a flexible data layer that can support countless applications.

With Stardog, customers reduce data preparation timelines by up to 90 percent. Stardog’s data integration solution combines graph storage, artificial intelligence, and virtualization to help enterprises to answer their toughest questions.


WireWheel is a software company that revolutionizes data privacy and protection-as-a-service. With privacy regulations increasing across the globe, now is the time for companies to start thinking about how to build privacy into their products and processes, and think beyond compliance to building trust with their customers.

WireWheel has developed an easy-to-use platform that enterprises including large financial institutions, telecoms, and consumer-facing brands use to manage their privacy programs.

You’re Invited to the AWS Startup Showcase!

In partnership with theCUBE, AWS is hosting the inaugural AWS Startup Showcase on March 24 to highlight innovations with cloud data.

With data usage in the cloud exploding, customers are looking for new solutions to manage this shift. We have created the AWS Startup Showcase as a quarterly platform to connect customers to our AWS Partners, with the hope they may decide to test new solutions through Proof of Concepts (POCs).

Each quarter, we intend to highlight breakthrough solutions from ISVs, connect customers to these validated AWS Partners, and provide showcase attendees with insight into the latest macro trends from industry thought leaders and AWS executives.

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About the Agenda

While the AWS Startup Showcase highlights startups, the intended audience is IT and line of business leaders and buyers who are seeking to bring new technologies to their organizations that help solve complex problems. You’ll learn how these featured startups are driving cultures of innovation, and how their offerings can help your business transform.

Here’s some of what we’ve got in store for you:

  • The event kicks off with an hour-long session that offers a mix of commentary from theCube hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante, as well as an interview with AWS VP and Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr. Hear Jeff discuss the latest cloud trends in a segment titled “Rise of Startups in Cloud-Scale Data Management.” They’ll also discuss the importance of startups in the AWS ecosystem, as well as how AWS supports startup partners.
  • The half day closes with a panel featuring Michael Skok, Founding Partner at Underscore VC; Mike Feinstein, Principal on the AWS VC Business Development team; and an industry thought leader. They’ll explore the topic of “The Future of Innovation in Cloud-Scale Data Management.”
    This session gives context to how AWS provides the enabling technology for companies to achieve their innovations for customers. Learn about new market trends, which types of end-user companies are winning, and how data-oriented startups are adjusting to the trend of multi-cloud or hybrid architectures.

Attendance is free so register now to reserve your spot!