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Enhancing OpenText Axcelerate eDiscovery with Translation Capabilities on AWS

By Nikhil Enmudi, Sr. Solutions Architect – AWS


Electronic discovery (also called eDiscovery) is a process of identifying, collecting, and creating electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation.

Integrated eDiscovery software enables collection, processing, analysis, classification, review, and production of ESI across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) in a single solution.

OpenText is an AWS Partner and global information management leader that helps organizations manage and gain value from their business content. Among the large portfolio of software applications, OpenText offers an eDiscovery platform solution called OpenText Axcelerate.

This solution is a flexible and powerful end-to-end eDiscovery and investigations platform built around proprietary advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), and automation. It delivers investigative capabilities in a fully integrated, intuitive review interface that helps legal teams get to the facts that matter sooner and inform case strategy.

Axcelerate enables customers to prioritize the most relevant documents for review, reduce datasets by 80% or more, and achieve higher efficiency and accuracy than alternatives with a continuous machine learning approach.

In this post, I will demonstrate how organizations with eDiscovery solutions such as OpenText can build on-demand document translation capabilities by integrating with Amazon Translate while meeting strict customer requirements.

Document Translation for OpenText Axcelerate

The best integrated eDiscovery software offers advanced analytics, technology-assisted review, rich visualizations, and automation to reduce costs and eliminate the risks and costs of using multiple vendors and point solutions.

Customers using eDiscovery products in the legal domain often deal with large volumes of litigation data that originate in multiple languages. For some large OpenText customers, an average litigation of international scope has approximately 2.5 million documents in other languages, and ~30% of those could require translation for legal teams.

Currently, customers isolate the documents via search or filter. The documents are manually sent to a third party and wait until translation is complete. On average, this type of third-party translation adds anywhere from one day to one week, depending on volume of international documents. The documents are then brought back to the Axcelerate platform to be re-indexed before work is resumed.

Customers wanted an integrated document translation feature that would help them to navigate through documents that originate in different languages. OpenText integrated Amazon Translate into the Axcelerate platform to provide customers with on-demand translation service for litigation documents.

How Translation in OpenText Axcelerate Works

Let’s see how this works within the Axcelerate console and walk through the steps to create a translation job to translate English documents to German. We’ll then review the output of the translated documents.

From the Axcelerate user interface (UI), users can select the documents in the document result list. Users can select multiple documents for translation.


Figure 1 – Document selection from OpenText Axcelerate UI.

Next, click on the Axcelerate web UI “Actions” menu and select the option to translate the selected documents.


Figure 2 – Inbuilt actions to send documents for translation.

A confirmation window lets users acknowledge the selected documents will be shipped to a secure AWS environment for translation.


Figure 3 – OpenText Axcelerate UI allows customers to review job before submission.

Once the translation job is completed, users can search and analyze the result in the Axcelerate UI where they can see both the original and translated text.


Figure 4 – Text tab view shows original text of the document.

Click on the “Text” tab to view original text, and then click the “Translated” tab to view translated result.


Figure 5 – Translated tab view shows translated content of document.

Integration Under the Hood

When a user selects and submits all of the documents that need translation, Axcelerate uploads them to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket which is encrypted with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) using customer managed keys.

The application then initiates the translation batch job with Amazon Translate. On completion of the translation job, the application can access the translated output from the output bucket to be processed and rendered to the user.


Figure 6 – Amazon Translate integration under the hood.

How Axcelerate Ensures Security of Data During Translation

Customers using eDiscovery platforms to search and analyze litigation data have strict security requirements such as:

  • Ensure sensitive data is protected in transit and does not traverse the internet.
  • Use their own encryption keys to protect data at rest.

OpenText Axcelerate leverages the following Amazon Translate features to ensure customer data is protected:

  • Data security in transit: Amazon Translate supports Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) endpoints via AWS PrivateLink, so you can securely initiate API calls to Amazon Translate from within your Amazon VPC and without using public IPs. Axcelerate runs on AWS and leverages integration with Amazon Translate via AWS PrivateLink for secure and private communication without using public IPs, so the data does not leave the AWS network.
  • Data security at rest: Axcelerate uses an Amazon Translate feature for AWS KMS to encrypt documents stored in S3 using customer-managed keys. All data included in a translation job to and from the Amazon Translate service is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Using AWS PrivateLink and AWS KMS with Amazon Translate creates highly-secure translation workflows for legal organizations dealing with sensitive litigation data.


In this post, I discussed how the OpenText Axcelerate eDiscovery platform powered by AWS artificial intelligence (AI) services delivers modern capabilities for legal organizations of all sizes.

By integrating with Amazon Translate, customers can seamlessly translate large number of international language documents and reduce wait time from manual third-party translation. The integrated translation capability of Axcelerate is fast and ensures data is protected in transit and at test.

There is no licensing or setup costs for customers interested in using Amazon Translate, as you can simply use translation capability with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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