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Gaining Critical Security Insights and Control of Your Traffic with Aviatrix ThreatIQ and ThreatGuard

By James Devine, VP Product Management – Aviatrix
By Jacob Cherkas, Principal Architect – Aviatrix
By Mandar Alankar, Sr. Networking Solutions Architect – AWS

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It can be difficult to gain security insights into your cloud infrastructure, especially as architectures grow to encompass multiple availability zones, regions, and clouds.

Aviatrix Systems is an AWS Partner with Competency designations in both Networking and Security. Aviatrix is uniquely positioned to provide deep insights into network traffic.

This includes security insights that can augment Amazon Web Services (AWS) native security capabilities, such as those found by Amazon GuardDuty, for example.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the advanced visibility and troubleshooting capabilities that Aviatrix brings to AWS customers. In this post, we’re excited to detail new capabilities that were recently added to the Aviatrix Secure Network Platform—ThreatIQ and ThreatGuard.

Threat Detection with ThreatIQ

Aviatrix ThreatIQ is a capability that detects malicious traffic based on IP address reputation and known bad actors. It serves as an intrusion detection system (IDS) to alert on malicious traffic throughout your cloud architecture.

ThreatIQ uses a threat feed of known malicious IP addresses that is continuously updated. This ensures you always have an up-to-date detection capability.

Since Aviatrix Gateways export data flow summaries as NetFlow, it’s possible to have a view of threats across an entire AWS infrastructure as well as external connections and clouds.

Alerts are aggregated from all Aviatrix Gateways within and across regions, and even other clouds. This capability embeds detection inside the data plane, rather than limiting threat visibility to the edge of the network.

All traffic is analyzed in real-time as it goes across the Aviatrix Platform and becomes visible in the Aviatrix CoPilot web console.

Configuring an overly permissive security group on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance quickly shows the power of ThreatIQ. Aviatrix has done just that and left the instance running; as you can see below, a holistic view of all the threats that were detected.


Figure 1 – ThreatIQ dashboard.

You can also view a line-by-line summary of detected threats. This allows you to drill down into individual findings to get more details, including access to raw NetFlow data and topology information.


Figure 2 – ThreatIQ threat details.

Each of the threats can be further examined to see exactly where in the environment each finding was detected.

Such a view is quite difficult to get from traditional tools that don’t have an end-to-end topology view and understanding of your cloud network. This provides an invaluable tool for incident response to allow security teams to pinpoint the exact source of a malicious traffic flow. Root cause analysis becomes a breeze.


Figure 3 – ThreatIQ threat details.

The capability doesn’t stop there. You can double-click on the Aviatrix Gateway to drill all the way down to the individual instance that is the source/destination of the identified malicious traffic. This powerful capability is difficult to impossible to accomplish without Aviatrix.


Figure 4 – ThreatIQ instance view.

Remediation with ThreatGuard

ThreatIQ provides a compelling IDS capability that augments Amazon GuardDuty findings; however, the Aviatrix platform takes these capabilities further.

You can enable automatic remediation to turn the IDS capability into an intrusion prevention system (IPS). This feature, called ThreatGuard, takes the ThreatIQ findings and programs deny rules in Aviatrix Gateways to block the traffic at the source virtual private cloud (VPC) of the identified host.

It can also send webhooks to external services like Slack and email notifications so your Security Operations Center (SOC) gets notified as soon as malicious traffic is detected.


Figure 5 – Enabling ThreatGuard.

Once enabled, you see the stateful firewall rules that get programmed on Aviatrix Gateways to block malicious traffic. Below, you can see where stateful firewall rules have been programmed into Aviatrix Gateways to block malicious traffic flows.


Figure 6 – ThreatGuard block rules.

Customer Benefits

Aviatrix enables you to deploy secure-by-default, best-practice network architectures. This enables networking teams to easily codify and provision repeatable network architectures that security teams have full flow-level visibility into.

Application developers and application owners have full autonomy to deploy their application within the guardrails that the Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform provides.

Aviatrix is already helping customers detect, identify, and remediate malicious traffic flows in their cloud deployments. Even customers that thought they had a strong security perimeter are discovering malicious traffic patterns using ThreatIQ.


In this post, we discussed ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard and how each can help you augment cloud-native capabilities.

In addition to the Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform bringing a single-tenant data plane to AWS, it also serve as a distributed security inspection and remediation mechanism. With end-to-end control and visibility, the network becomes more intelligent and aware of the data traversing it. This allows you to secure critical business workloads in real-time right at the source of malicious traffic.

There is no configuration or additional costs to enable ThreatIQ on the Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform. Any Aviatrix customers with CoPilot can take advantage of ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard.

To get started, launch the Sandbox Starter Tool or deploy directly from AWS Marketplace. If you’d like to learn more and see what Aviatrix can do for your cloud networking, reach out and set up a demo.


Aviatrix Systems – AWS Partner Spotlight

Aviatrix is an AWS Competency Partner that is uniquely positioned to provide deep insights into network traffic.

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