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Go Virtual with AWS Training and Certification for APN Partners

By Jeremiah Jenson, Head of Global Partner Training & Enablement, AWS

Training and Certification-9Circumstances are rapidly changing the way we work and consume educational materials. In today’s environment, our focus is on providing you with the flexibility and convenience to continue your partner-learning journey with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

To support our AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, AWS Training and Certification provides an enhanced portfolio of online resources so you can virtually grow your cloud skills and confidence on AWS.

In this post, we will outline the new AWS Training and Certification resources for APN Partners that have been developed for remote learning. This includes free virtual and on-demand trainings and online webinar series, as well as AWS Certification exams and readiness workshops.

Virtual and On-Demand Training

We are continuing to develop new, innovative ways for APN Partners to enhance their knowledge of AWS in a virtual fashion and prepare for AWS certification exams.

  • Virtual Classroom Training: Led by AWS subject matter experts, these free trainings are available as both virtual instructor-led classes and on-demand digital courses.
  • AWS PartnerCast: A webinar series with new content delivered each week, dedicated to individuals in both business and technical roles.
  • AWS Partner Accreditation: Three digital courses designed to give you a foundational understanding of AWS products, services, best practices, and value to end customers.

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Get Certified: Exam Readiness Training

Interested in building AWS Cloud skills and advancing your career with an AWS Certification? Our webinars and exam readiness digital courses are designed to complement the hands-on experience we recommend you have before taking a certification exam.

Our free online workshops are date-specific training led virtually by live instructors. Exam readiness digital courses are free and available to help you learn anytime, anywhere.

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AWS Certification Online Exams

AWS Certification validates cloud skills with industry-recognized credentials to help professionals highlight in-demand skills and APN Partners showcase expertise through APN Tiers.

Candidates can now take all AWS Certification exams from home with online proctoring.

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AWS Certification Achievement Sharing

We know how important it is to be recognized for the hard work you put in to earn your AWS Certification. You can now provide consent to share your AWS Certification information with your organization.

Additionally, this gives your APN Partner organization greater visibility into who is certified, which can helps align expertise with AWS customer needs.

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