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Introducing the APN Navigate Foundations Path for New APN Partners

By Charles Katalenas, Manager, Partner Development Representative Team at AWS

AWS Navigate-2019The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and helps organizations build, market, and sell their AWS-based solutions and services.

We enable AWS customers of all sizes to identify qualified APN Partners that deliver services and solutions that are built on or integrated with AWS.

If your company is looking to register with the AWS Partner Network, or is new to APN, we are excited to introduce APN Navigate Foundations. This is your prescriptive path to defining your partner journey with AWS and help you achieve Select tier. APN Navigate Foundations walks you through the benefits, requirements, tools, and knowledge you’ll need to succeed as an APN Partner.

To kick off your APN Partner journey, Navigate introduces you to the fundamental building blocks of the APN, as well as the benefits you’ll receive as an APN Partner and the requirements for advancing through the APN tiers.

We developed APN Navigate Foundations based on feedback from the tens of thousands of APN Partners worldwide looking for guidance from AWS on how to start their APN journey. This path will empower your organization to build on core strengths and deploy innovative solutions on behalf of AWS customers.

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Navigate Foundations

Why Partner with Amazon Web Services?

AWS is how millions of customers are building better businesses and sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. To do so, they want to engage with companies that offer best-in-class technical expertise, proven customer success, and well-architected AWS solutions. This is the role of our APN Partners.

There’s an enormous opportunity for customer-centric companies to build and grow successful cloud-based businesses on AWS.  Whatever your needs, AWS is the right place to start your cloud adoption journey.

Many businesses who join the APN look for guidance from AWS on how to start their APN journey. APN Navigate provides an easy-to-follow onboarding and progressive path for new APN members that helps them quickly leverage and understand the benefits of APN programs.

As the name suggests, APN Navigate Foundations creates a solid base from which new APN Partners can create and scale their AWS business while delivering better results for customers.

How Do We Get Started?

All businesses registered with the APN will be enrolled in the APN Navigate Foundations path. Your entire organization will gain access to  the APN Navigate goals checklist, available in your APN Navigate Toolbox in APN Partner Central, that provides step-by-step guidance on the actions required to meet APN tier requirements.

APN Navigate Foundations has checkpoints as you progress to help you stay connected with AWS teams. Complete these checkpoints when prompted so we can provide guidance to help you build your AWS-based business.

Through the APN Navigate Foundations path, you will: 

  • Gain access to key APN resources to build, market, and sell with the APN.
  • Explore key AWS trainings to grow your team’s cloud expertise.
  • Gain visibility with AWS sales team.
  • Understand steps to progress to the next APN tier (Select, Advanced, Premier).
  • Stay connected with AWS teams through milestone checkpoints.
  • Learn how to create public references with the APN.

If you’re brand new to the AWS Partner Network, you can get started by identifying individuals in organization to attain AWS Certifications and Accreditations to meet the “Knowledge” pillar within the APN Select tier.

APN Consulting Partners must identify a minimum of:

APN Technology Partners must identify a minimum of: 

  • One (1) Associate-level or higher AWS Technical Certified individual(s)

Take it to the Next Level with APN Navigate Specialization Tracks

If your business already has a specific expertise like machine learning or DevOps, or if you’re further along in your APN journey, you can deepen your knowledge and validate your expertise with APN Navigate Specialization tracks that suit your business areas.

We currently have APN Navigate Specialization tracks for Blockchain, Contact Center, Database Services, DevOps, End User Computing (EUC), Financial Services, High-Performance Computing, IoT, Machine Learning, Microsoft Workloads, Migration, Serverless, SAP on AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, and the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program.

Each specialization track includes e-learnings, advanced tools and resources, clear calls to actions, and checkpoints to increase your organization’s visibility with AWS teams and enables APN Partners to track and stay on course.

For more information, visit the APN Navigate website >>