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Meet 14 AWS Service Delivery Partners that Added New Designations in November

By Kathleen Hillenbrand, Service Delivery Program Manager at AWS

AWS Service Delivery_featuredThe AWS Service Delivery Program identifies and endorses AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners with validated customer experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services, such as Amazon EC2 for Windows, AWS IoT Core, and Amazon Kinesis.

Please join us in congratulating these top 14 APN Partners on achieving new AWS Service Delivery Program designations in November. Each follows AWS best practices and has proven success delivering AWS services to end customers.

To receive an AWS Service Delivery designation, APN Partners must undergo service-specific technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, and complete a customer case business review. This validation gives customers complete confidence in choosing service-experienced APN Partners to team up with.

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Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Partners


UOL DIVEO | AWS Region: Latin America

UOL DIVEO can design, implement, and develop environments into new architectures with disruptive solutions that ensure transformation.

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Nubosperta Logo

Nubosperta | AWS Region: Latin America

Nubosperta provides end-to-end cloud managed services from building cloud architecture, management, security and compliance, up to consolidated billing in Mexican local currency.

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AWS IoT Core Partners

Classmethod Logo

Classmethod | AWS Region: Japan

Classmethod proposes and builds serverless architecture such as AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, while investigating the latest technology to maximize the value of customers to actual projects.

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Fujisoft Logo

Fujisoft | AWS Region: Japan

Using the characteristics of the AWS IoT services, Fujisoft uses data collection infrastructure, accumulation infrastructure, and analytical infrastructure environments in a short period of time at low cost.

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Klika Tech Logo

Klika Tech | AWS Region: North America

Klika Tech provides global product development expertise to co-create hardware, software, and embedded IoT solutions with optimal time-to-market and measurable ROI.

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OGIS-RI Co., Ltd. | AWS Region: Japan

OGIS-RI provides total solutions matched to each and every customer. Accelerate POC and small start of IoT businesses through tier easy, cost saving, and scalable all-in-one IoT trial package.

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Onica Logo

Onica | AWS Region: North America

Onica architects, builds, deploys, and manages custom solutions for IoT and medical devices. From strategy to execution to ongoing management, they consistently deliver IoT projects across a wide range of industries.

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Open Systems Technologies Logo

Open Systems Technologies | AWS Region: North America

OST has extensive IoT experience, working with market leaders to design, build, launch, and support successful industrial and consumer connected products.

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Smile Logo

Smile | AWS Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa

Smile provides even the largest companies and institutions with the best, secure, open source solutions by helping them choose. They ensure the security and reliability of embedded and connected IoT systems.

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Trek10 Logo

Trek10 | AWS Region: North America

Trek10 builds scalable, highly available backend infrastructures for IoT solutions that can be rolled out quickly and scaled to support tens of thousands of devices with minimal upfront investment and low operating costs.

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xCubeLabs Logo

[x]cubeLabs | AWS Region: Asia-Pacific

[x]cube’s AWS IoT services include consulting, solution architecture design, product development, and implementation. Key use cases include parking management, energy management, and connected devices for monitoring patient health in and out of hospitals.

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AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass Partners

Ratiokontakt Logo

ratiokontakt GmbH | AWS Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa

ratiokontakt offers services for introducing businesses to IoT concepts, as well as supporting early adapting practitioners with improving their standing IoT integration.

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TensorIoT Logo

TensorIoT | AWS Region: North America

TensorIoT offers end-to-end IoT implementation and help accelerate edge implementation of your IoT workload and technologies.

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AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Analytics Partners

Deloitte Logo

Deloitte | AWS Region: North America

The Deloitte IoT practice is a dynamic blend of technologists, strategists, and designers who use technology, data, and science to drive major business innovation.

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Team Up with an AWS Service Delivery Partner

The key value of the AWS Service Delivery Program is to build customer trust by helping organizations identify APN Partners with relevant service knowledge and experience.

The AWS Service Delivery Program is a validation program that identifies and endorses APN Partners with validated customer experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services. These top APN Partners follow best practices for implementing AWS services and have proven success delivering AWS services to end customers.

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