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The Road to Modern Ops, a New Curriculum from APN Partner HashiCorp

AWS is excited to announce the availability of HashiCorp’s Road to Modern Ops, an interactive curriculum dedicated to guiding organizations from manual processes to modern, automated operations. Through these labs, you’ll have the opportunity to provision AWS infrastructure using HashiCorp products Terraform Packer, and Atlas.

AWS and HashiCorp

AWS provides a flexible and elastic cloud computing platform that facilitates API-driven infrastructure as code, allowing development and operational teams to work closer together. HashiCorp, a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), has built a variety of tooling around the AWS APIs (amongst others) that allow customers to provision cloud infrastructure in a repeatable fashion.

What is the Road to Modern Ops Curriculum All About?

This educational series covers the full spectrum of HashiCorp automation tools, but two labs in particular are focused on highlighting AWS functionality.  The first of these labs, “Automate provisioning with Terraform”, teaches students how to use Terraform by HashiCorp to build AWS resources like Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), Amazon EC2 instances, and Elastic Load Balancers. The declarative syntax used by Terraform configuration files represents infrastructure as code, which enables repeatable deployments of your production environment, better visibility into the relationships between different components and systems, and rapid recovery from failures. This lab is available now here.

The second lab uses Packer by HashiCorp to automate the provisioning and configuration of Amazon EC2 AMIs. The AMIs built by Packer can be used to stand up fully configured EC2 instances into the supporting infrastructure provisioned during the Terraform lesson. By using Packer to move the configuration of systems to before the deploy stage, rather than after, organizations can take a major step toward enabling immutable infrastructure and ultimately ensuring a consistent configuration of resources in their production environments. This lab is available now here.

The labs use HashiCorp’s Atlas to run Terraform and Packer. By running Terraform and Packer within Atlas, development and operations teams automate, audit, and collaborate on infrastructure changes.

Why You Should Consider Signing up for the HashiCorp Curriculum

As you work through this curriculum, you’ll be introduced to the concepts of immutable infrastructure and automated provisioning, two practices that leverage the flexibility and elasticity of the AWS cloud, and you’ll benefit from hands-on experience using what our customers tell us are very effective tools for interacting with AWS Services.

Want to learn more about HashiCorp? Visit the company’s website here.