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Why Your Company Should Become Security Experts on AWS

By Raveesh Chugh, Global Alliance Manager, Security Partners at AWS

AWS Navigate-2019Cloud security at Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the highest priority, and members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) offer hundreds of industry-leading products that are equivalent, identical to, or integrate with existing controls in on-premises environments.

Security Partner Solutions are the top category in AWS Marketplace and help customers ensure their workloads are highly secured.

These validated APN Partner products complement existing AWS services and enable customers to deploy a comprehensive security architecture, in addition to providing a more seamless experience across your cloud and on-premises environments.

APN Partners with security expertise help customers identify asset vulnerabilities and develop an organizational understanding to manage security risks in AWS customer systems, assets, and data.

If your company wants to help AWS customers with security, the new APN Navigate Security track provides APN Partners with a prescriptive journey to help you build expertise in cloud security solutions.

APN Navigate materials will help your team prepare for better engagement with key AWS experts, and set organizations on the path to achieve the AWS Security Competency.

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Getting Started

If your company is interested in deepening your expertise in AWS Cloud security, two (2) individuals must go through the APN Navigate technical track, and two (2) individuals must go through the business track. This unlocks advanced content and trainings to help your team build a strong practice or solution based on the AWS security best practices.

Technical Professionals: APN Security Navigate Track

In this course, you will learn about the AWS approach to cloud security. What does this mean when developing security practices on AWS? Dive deep into common cloud security solutions and core AWS services related to security. See how to take advantage of APN Security Navigate resources and best practices.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Articulate the AWS approach to cloud security.
  • Identify core AWS services for security solutions.
  • Understand common security architectures.
  • Familiarize your organization with APN Security Navigate next steps and resources.
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Business Professionals: APN Security Navigate Track

In this course, you will learn about the demand for AWS security services and talent, in addition to common use cases. You will also review suggested best practices for developing a security capability that helps your organization differentiate through the AWS Security Competency.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Articulate the AWS approach to cloud security.
  • Identify common security use cases.
  • Build a security practice on AWS.
  • Position security on AWS to potential customers.
  • Prepare your organization for the AWS Security Competency.
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Once your organization has taken these specialized trainings, you’ll receive a designated toolkit of resources recommended by AWS subject matter experts in security to further deepen your knowledge in cloud security on AWS and key checkpoints to check your knowledge.

To learn more about the APN Navigate program, see the five phases of APN Navigate.

About APN Navigate

APN Navigate provides APN Partners with the knowledge and tools to become specialists in a solution, industry, workload, or service area on AWS.

Each Navigate track includes foundational and specialized e-learnings, advanced tools and resources, clear calls to action for both business and technical tracks, and “Apply Your Knowledge” checkpoints to help APN Partners measure their progress.

After you have leveraged all of Navigate’s tools and built a strong practice on AWS, you can set your business apart through the AWS CompetencyAWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), or AWS Service Delivery programs. Each of these designations help AWS customers identify and choose top APN Partners.

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