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AWS Week in Review – Redshift+Forecast, CodeCatalyst+GitHub, Lex Analytics, Llama 2, and Much More – July 24, 2023

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Summer is in full swing here in Seattle and we are spending more time outside and less at the keyboard. Nevertheless, the launch machine is running at full speed and I have plenty to share with you today. Let’s dive in and take a look!

Last Week’s Launches
Here are some launches that caught my eye:

Amazon Redshift – Amazon Redshift ML can now make use of an integrated connection to Amazon Forecast. You can now use SQL statements of the form CREATE MODEL to create and train forecasting models from your time series data stored in Redshift, and then use these models to make forecasts for revenue, inventory, demand, and so forth. You can also define probability metrics and use them to generate forecasts. To learn more, read the What’s New and the Developer’s Guide.

Amazon CodeCatalyst – You can now trigger Amazon CodeCatalyst workflows from pull request events in linked GitHub repositories. The workflows can perform build, test, and deployment operations, and can be triggered when the pull requests in the linked repositories are opened, revised, or closed. To learn more, read Using GitHub Repositories with CodeCatalyst.

Amazon Lex – You can now use the Analytics on Amazon Lex dashboard to review data-driven insights that will help you to improve the performance of your Lex bots. You get a snapshot of your key metrics, and the ability to drill down for more. You can use conversational flow visualizations to see how users navigate across intents, and you can review individual conversations to make qualitative assessments. To learn more, read the What’s New and the Analytics Overview.

Llama2 Foundation Models – The brand-new Llama 2 foundation models from Meta are now available in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. The Llama 2 model is available in three parameter sizes (7B, 13B, and 70B) with pretrained and fine-tuned variations. You can deploy and use the models with a few clicks in Amazon SageMaker Studio, and you can also use the SageMaker Python SDK (code and docs) to access them programmatically. To learn more, read Llama 2 Foundation Models from Meta are Now Available in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and the What’s New.

X in Y – We launched some existing services and instances types in additional AWS Regions:

For a full list of AWS announcements, be sure to keep an eye on the What's New at AWS page.

Other AWS News
Here are some additional blog posts and news items that you might find interesting:

AWS Open Source News and Updates – My colleague Ricardo has published issue 166 of his legendary and highly informative AWS Open Source Newsletter!

CodeWhisperer in Action – My colleague Danilo wrote an interesting post to show you how to Reimagine Software Development With CodeWhisperer as Your AI Coding Companion.

News Blog Survey – If you have read this far, please consider taking the AWS Blog Customer Survey. Your responses will help us to gauge your satisfaction with this blog, and will help us to do a better job in the future. This survey is hosted by an external company, so the link does not lead to our web site. AWS handles your information as described in the AWS Privacy Notice.

CDK Integration Tests – The AWS Application Management Blog wrote a post to show you How to Write and Execute Integration Tests for AWS CDK Applications.

Event-Driven Architectures – The AWS Architecture Blog shared some Best Practices for Implementing Event-Driven Architectures in Your Organization.

Amazon Connect – The AWS Contact Center Blog explained how to Manage Prompts Programmatically with Amazon Connect.

Rodents – The AWS Machine Learning Blog showed you how to Analyze Rodent Infestation Using Amazon SageMaker Geospatial Capabilities.

Secrets Migration – The AWS Security Blog published a two-part series that discusses migrating your secrets to AWS Secrets Manager (Part 1: Discovery and Design, Part 2: Implementation).

Upcoming AWS Events
Check your calendar and sign up for these AWS events:

AWS Storage Day – Join us virtually on August 9th to learn about how to prepare for AI/ML, deliver holistic data protection, and optimize storage costs for your on-premises and cloud data. Register now.

AWS Global Summits – Attend the upcoming AWS Summits in New York (July 26), Taiwan (August 2 & 3), São Paulo (August 3), and Mexico City (August 30).

AWS Community Days – Attend upcoming AWS Community Days in The Philippines (July 29-30), Colombia (August 12), and West Africa (August 19).

re:InventRegister now for re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas (November 27 to December 1).

That’s a Wrap
And that’s about it for this week. I’ll be sharing additional news this coming Friday on AWS on Air – tune in and say hello!


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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