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Automate Private Marketplace management for your organization

In this post, Deepa and I will share a solution to set up private marketplace catalogs using AWS CloudFormation templates. You can use this solution to enable automation through integration with your organization’s existing infrastructure-as-code (IaC) setup. Internally, this solution uses APIs through AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) and leverages AWS Lambda, Amazon EventBridge, and Amazon S3. It provides an automated way to enable the private marketplace feature in your organization, create and configure multiple private marketplace experiences, and manage these experiences.

Automate multi-account storage integrations in AWS using Snowflake and AWS Control Tower

Automate multi-account storage integrations in AWS using Snowflake and AWS Control Tower

This implementation guide describes how AWS Marketplace customers can integrate AWS Control Tower with Snowflake. The AWS Control Tower integration with Snowflake enables Snowflake storage integrations with Amazon S3 to be automatically available for all newly added AWS accounts in an AWS Control Tower environment. Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud. It […]

automate multi account permissions CloudKnox

Automate multi account permissions management in AWS using CloudKnox and AWS Control Tower

This blog post was written by Kanishk Mahajan, ISV Solutions Architecture Lead at AWS and guest author Maya Neelakandhan, Head of Customer Success at CloudKnox. Introduction Permissions management in AWS empowers security and cloud infrastructure teams to protect your cloud resources from misuse of identity permissions. Cloud security requires continuous enforcement of least-privilege policies across […]

Trend Micro AWS Marketplace blog

DevOps automation for Trend Micro in AWS Marketplace using AWS Service Catalog and AWS Systems Manager Distributor

Trend Micro Deep Security, available in AWS Marketplace, is a host-based security product. It provides anti-malware, host firewall, intrusion prevention, file integrity monitoring, and log inspection modules for both Windows and Linux Amazon EC2 instances. Trend Micro Cloud Network Protection, powered by TippingPoint is also available in AWS Marketplace. It enables you to extend your […]

sigopt rest API

Automating model tuning and hyperparameter optimization with SigOpt

By guest author Nick Payton, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, SigOpt The quality of predictions from machine learning (ML) models depends on a few factors. These factors include a high volume of well-prepared data, a robust feature set with the appropriate architecture, and the configuration of hyperparameters. Hyperparameters are numeric values with high and low […]