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Setting up fine grained permission access for AWS Marketplace sellers

Setting up fine-grained permission access for AWS Marketplace sellers

In this blog post, we show you how to adopt fine-tuned granular IAM control using 17 new AWS Marketplace fine-grained permission policies.  We also show how to use policies to set up permissions for tax officers, banking officers, and Know Your Customer users. And you will learn what policies to use to replace two deprecated policies.

Streamlining and fast-tracking vendor risk assessments with AWS Marketplace vendor insights

Streamlining and fast-tracking vendor risk assessments with AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights

In this post, I show how to use AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights to access security profiles associated with vendor products listed in AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights dashboard presents compliance artifacts and security control information for software products to help buyers complete their vendor risk assessment.

CyberArk Identity as SSO for AWS Control Tower

CyberArk Identity as SSO for AWS Control Tower

Migrating to the AWS cloud has enabled many organizations to reduce costs, innovate faster, and deliver business results more effectively. As you expand your AWS infrastructure, you require multi-account governance strategies as well as implementation of best practices to your expanded environment. AWS Control Tower implements AWS best practices to establish a well-architected, multi-account baseline […]

Enhance digital security by automating certificate management with CLMaaS in AWS Marketplace

Enhance digital security by automating certificate management with CLMaaS in AWS Marketplace

Cryptography and digital certificates are the security backbone of modern digital enterprises. An automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solution helps you efficiently manage your certificates, and, in turn, bolster your security posture. Digital transformation, cloud migration, remote work, and Internet of Things (IoT) create growth opportunities for organizations. However, they also bring security challenges of […]

AWS Control Tower Lacework blog post

Securing your AWS Control Tower multi-account environment with Lacework

For enterprise organizations, managing security and governance across hundreds or thousands of accounts can be challenging. AWS Control Tower and Lacework make this task much easier and enable seamless multi-account cloud security. By using Lacework in your AWS Control Tower environment, you can automatically and consistently apply security best practices and monitoring to new accounts […]

governance iam aws control tower concept

Automate multi account identity governance in AWS using Ermetic and AWS Control Tower

Having a multi-account strategy is a best practice for achieving higher isolation of resources in AWS. It helps you to meet regulatory and compliance needs, track operational costs, and add an extra layer of security. AWS Control Tower uses AWS best practices to establish a well-architected, multi-account baseline across your AWS accounts. For more information […]

automation engine sonrai security aws control tower

Demonstrating least privilege with Sonrai Security and AWS Control Tower

During the cloud journey, some of my customers must create identity principals, such as roles or users. Engineers or services use these roles to perform their jobs in the cloud. To support this effort, Sonrai Security has developed an integration with AWS Control Tower. This integration enables you to see all of the security policies […]

3D CAD container Amazon ECS Anywherepolygonal mesh concept

Deploy a containers-based application with AWS Marketplace and ECS Anywhere

Introduction Since its launch in 2014, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) has simplified ways to allow you to run containerized workloads at scale. On May 27, 2021, AWS announced Amazon ECS Anywhere (ECS Anywhere), a new launch type that allows you to run containerized workloads anywhere including on premises, on virtual machines (VMs), on […]

automate multi account permissions CloudKnox

Automate multi account permissions management in AWS using CloudKnox and AWS Control Tower

This blog post was written by Kanishk Mahajan, ISV Solutions Architecture Lead at AWS and guest author Maya Neelakandhan, Head of Customer Success at CloudKnox. Introduction Permissions management in AWS empowers security and cloud infrastructure teams to protect your cloud resources from misuse of identity permissions. Cloud security requires continuous enforcement of least-privilege policies across […]

using APIs to manage Private Marketplaces

Use APIs to manage multiple AWS Private Marketplaces for enterprise software subscriptions

During re:Invent 2020, AWS launched AWS Private Marketplace APIs to enable customers to programmatically manage their Private Marketplace. Private Marketplace, a feature of AWS Marketplace, enables administrators to create list of approved software products for their users to purchase from AWS Marketplace’s catalog. To provide administrators greater control to create distinct list of approved products […]