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Turbocharge your Apache Hive Queries on Amazon EMR using LLAP

NOTE: Starting from emr-6.0.0 release, Hive LLAP is officially supported as a YARN service. So setting up LLAP using the instructions from this blog post (using a bootstrap action script) is not needed for releases emr-6.0.0 and onward. ——————————- Apache Hive is one of the most popular tools for analyzing large datasets stored in a Hadoop […]

Data Lake Ingestion: Automatically Partition Hive External Tables with AWS

In this post, I introduce a simple data ingestion and preparation framework based on AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Apache Hive on EMR for data from different sources landing in S3. This solution lets Hive pick up new partitions as data is loaded into S3 because Hive by itself cannot detect new partitions as data lands.