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Building voice menus and call routing with the Amazon Chime SDK

In November 2020, we launched the SIP media applications (SMA) feature in the US and certain other countries to make it easier for builders to enable Amazon Chime SDK meeting attendees to join via a landline or mobile phone. With SMA, builders can add phone numbers and customized voice menus to Amazon Chime SDK meetings […]

How RubyKaigi built an event site in days with the Amazon Chime SDK and Amazon IVS

This is a guest blog written by Sorah Fukumori, Senior Software Engineer at Cookpad and organizer for RubyKaigi. The content and opinions in this post are those of the third-party author, and AWS is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this post. RubyKaigi is the world’s largest international conference on the Ruby programming […]

Building a PSTN call answering system with the Amazon Chime SDK, Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly

The Amazon Chime SDK Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Audio service makes it easy for developers to build customized telephony applications using the agility and operational simplicity of a serverless AWS Lambda functions. You can use the PSTN Audio service to build conversational self-service applications to reduce call resolution times and automate informational responses. In […]

Build Multiparty Conversations Across Applications and SMS with the Amazon Chime SDK and Amazon Pinpoint

In sales and service, chat messaging is an effective communication channel allowing customers and employees to communicate with each other as easily as they do with friends and family. These asynchronous conversations not only move the sales or service process forward they help develop a relationship between employees and customers. Common use cases include employees […]

Build meeting features into your Amazon Chime SDK messaging application

The Amazon Chime SDK is a set of real-time communications components that developers can use to quickly add messaging, audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities to their applications. In previous posts, we showed customers how to deploy a demo chat app and how to deploy a demo meeting app. Since then, we have heard from […]

Automate moderation and sentiment analysis with Amazon Chime SDK messaging

Live event organizers need to communicate in large streaming events, live streamed product demonstrations, and keynote speeches at a conferences over multiple modalities including video and chat, but existing chat solutions often do not scale to support tens of thousands of participants. Amazon Chime SDK messaging is secure, persistent, and can scale up to 100k […]

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Blur your background and suppress noise in an online meeting application built with the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript

FLECT is a cloud native integrator based in Tokyo, Japan. We have built a wrapper component for FlectVideo Chat (Flvc) for the Amazon Chime SDK to offer our original functionalities. We can offer high functional online meeting products to our customers quickly and easily with our wrapper component.  As new features of our component, we […]

Push Notifications for Android and iOS with Amazon Chime SDK messaging

Overview Amazon Chime SDK messaging provides building blocks for developers to make it easier to connect communities with secure, scalable, and persistent messaging. In many cases, developers have use cases that require building chat into mobile applications. For example, they may be connecting delivery drivers to customers, doctors to patients, or two people starting to […]

Building an on-demand phone call recording solution with Amazon Chime SDK

The Amazon Chime SDK Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) audio service to make it easier for developers to build customized telephony applications using the agility and operational simplicity of a serverless AWS Lambda function. Starting today, developers can record voice calls and store the recordings in the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket of […]

Compositing videos from media capture pipelines with Amazon Chime SDK

In July 2021 we announced Chime SDK media capture pipelines as way to capture video, audio, and other data generated during a Chime SDK meeting into an S3 bucket. A new feature was recently released that allows the capture to be customized. This feature provides options to capture individual videos of attendees separately so you […]