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AWS AppFabric

Streamline SaaS application audit costs with AWS AppFabric and Amazon S3

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business operations, organizations increasingly rely on a multitude of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to streamline processes and enhance productivity. While the adoption of diverse SaaS tools brings undeniable advantages, managing the collection and storage of audit logs from these applications becomes a crucial challenge for maintaining security, compliance, and overall […]

AWS AppFabric

How AWS AppFabric and Splunk work together to improve your security observability of SaaS applications

Organizations adopt software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to provide employees with tools that meet their growing collaboration and productivity needs. As the adoption of these tools increase, IT and security teams must spend more time connecting each application to their security tools to keep corporate data secure and meet compliance regulation requirements. The challenge is that audit […]

Streamlining Media Workflows: Amazon Chime SDK’s Advanced Composition Capability for Media Pipelines

On 7/24/2023, Amazon Chime SDK introduced enhancements to the composition capability of media pipelines in Amazon Chime SDK. These enhancements enable the combination of multiple video streams and screen sharing into a unified virtual presentation. Users can overlay videos and create dynamic transitions to enhance the visual experience. Additionally, 10 new layout elements have been […]

Architecture diagram of Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics Real-Time Summarizer solution

Effortlessly Summarize Phone Conversations with Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics: Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction The Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics Real-Time Summarizer is a solution that provides real-time summarization of the phone conversation held through Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector that leverages the Amazon Chime SDK call analytics to provide real-time summarization of phone conversation health. This demo, Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics Real-Time Summarizer, utilizes the Amazon […]

Optimizing Communication Infrastructure by Analyzing CDRs (Call Detail Records)

Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector is a cloud-based service that provides SIP trunking for voice calling. It is widely used by businesses and organizations to facilitate communication with customers and partners. With Amazon Chime Voice SDK Connector, you can connect your existing phone system to the cloud and take advantage of features such as scalability, […]

High-level design of scalable file-based noise reduction solution.

Build a scalable file-based noise reduction solution with Amazon Voice Focus AMI

In November 2021, Amazon Chime SDK team launched Amazon Voice Focus AMI for customers to help reduce background noise and improve the quality of their audio content. Amazon Voice Focus is an award-winning, deep-learning noise suppression algorithm used in Amazon Chime SDK meetings. It is now packaged as an Amazon Linux 2 (AL2) Machine Image (AMI). The Amazon […]

Quickly launch an Amazon Chime SDK application with AWS Amplify

Building a server-less full stack meeting application enabled with the Amazon Chime SDK for Javascript requires you to configure a back end cloud infrastructure to allow for the creation and deletion of Amazon Chime meetings and attendees within the application. This walkthrough shows how to leverage AWS Amplify to simplify and speed up the creation […]

Capture Amazon Chime SDK Meetings Using Media Capture Pipelines

Update August 18, 2022 – Introducing video compositing and concatenation to generate single video recording file with all attendee’s video and audio. See section “Compositing and Concatenation”. Today we’re launching a new feature for the Amazon Chime SDK to allow builders to capture the contents of a meeting. This new feature, media capture pipeline, captures […]