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ICYMI: Serverless Q3 2022

Welcome to the 19th edition of the AWS Serverless ICYMI (in case you missed it) quarterly recap. Every quarter, we share all the most recent product launches, feature enhancements, blog posts, webinars, Twitch live streams, and other interesting things that you might have missed!

In case you missed our last ICYMI, check out what happened last quarter here.

AWS Lambda

AWS has now introduced tiered pricing for Lambda. With tiered pricing, customers who run large workloads on Lambda can automatically save on their monthly costs. Tiered pricing is based on compute duration measured in GB-seconds. The tiered pricing breaks down as follows:

With tiered pricing, you can save on the compute duration portion of your monthly Lambda bills. This allows you to architect, build, and run large-scale applications on Lambda and take advantage of these tiered prices automatically. To learn more about Lambda cost optimizations, watch the new serverless office hours video.

Developers are using AWS SAM CLI to simplify serverless development making it easier to build, test, package, and deploy their serverless applications.  For JavaScript and TypeScript developers, you can now simplify your Lambda development further using esbuild in the AWS SAM CLI.

Code example of esbuild with SAM

Together with esbuild and SAM Accelerate, you can rapidly iterate on your code changes in the AWS Cloud. You can approximate the same levels of productivity as when testing locally, while testing against a realistic application environment in the cloud. esbuild helps simplify Lambda development with support for tree shaking, minification, source maps, and loaders. To learn more about this feature, read the documentation.

Lambda announced support for Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC). ABAC is designed to simplify permission management using access permissions based on tags. These can be attached to IAM resources, such as IAM users, and roles. ABAC support for Lambda functions allows you to scale your permissions as your organization innovates. It gives granular access to developers without requiring a policy update when a user or project is added, removed, or updated. To learn more about ABAC, read about ABAC for Lambda.

AWS Lambda Powertools is an open-source library to help customers discover and incorporate serverless best practices more easily. Powertools for TypeScript is now generally available and currently focused on three observability features: distributed tracing (Tracer), structured logging (Logger), and asynchronous business and application metrics (Metrics). Powertools is helping builders around the world with more than 10M downloads it is also available in Python and Java programming languages.

To learn more:

AWS Step Functions

Amazon States Language (ASL) provides a set of functions known as intrinsics that perform basic data transformations. Customers have asked for additional intrinsics to perform more data transformation tasks, such as formatting JSON strings, creating arrays, generating UUIDs, and encoding data. Step functions have now added 14 new intrinsic functions which can be grouped into six categories:

Intrinsic functions allow you to reduce the use of other services to perform basic data manipulations in your workflow. Read the release blog for use-cases and more details.

Step Functions expanded its AWS SDK integrations with support for Amazon Pinpoint API 2.0, AWS Billing Conductor,  Amazon GameSparks, and 195 more AWS API actions. This brings the total to 223 AWS Services and 10,000+ API Actions.

Amazon EventBridge

EventBridge released support for bidirectional event integrations with Salesforce, allowing customers to consume Salesforce events directly into their AWS accounts. Customers can also utilize API Destinations to send EventBridge events back to Salesforce, completing the bidirectional event integrations between Salesforce and AWS.

EventBridge also released the ability to start receiving events from GitHub, Stripe, and Twilio using quick starts. Customers can subscribe to events from these SaaS applications and receive them directly onto their EventBridge event bus for further processing. With Quick Starts, you can use AWS CloudFormation templates to create HTTP endpoints for your event bus that are configured with security best practices.

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Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB now supports bulk imports from Amazon S3 into new DynamoDB tables. You can use bulk imports to help you migrate data from other systems, load test your applications, facilitate data sharing between tables and accounts, or simplify your disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Bulk imports support CSV, DynamoDB JSON, and Amazon Ion as input formats. You can get started with DynamoDB import via API calls or the AWS Management Console. To learn more, read the documentation or follow this guide.

DynamoDB now supports up to 100 actions per transaction. With Amazon DynamoDB transactions, you can group multiple actions together and submit them as a single all-or-nothing operation. The maximum number of actions in a single transaction has now increased from 25 to 100. The previous limit of 25 actions per transaction would sometimes require writing additional code to break transactions into multiple parts. Now with 100 actions per transaction, builders will encounter this limit much less frequently. To learn more about best practices for transactions, read the documentation.

Amazon SNS

SNS has introduced the public preview of message data protection to help customers discover and protect sensitive data in motion without writing custom code. With message data protection for SNS, you can scan messages in real time for PII/PHI data and receive audit reports containing scan results. You can also prevent applications from receiving sensitive data by blocking inbound messages to an SNS topic or outbound messages to an SNS subscription. These scans include people’s names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and prescription drug codes.

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EDA Day – London 2022

The Serverless DA team hosted the world’s first event-driven architecture (EDA) day in London on September 1. This brought together prominent figures in the event-driven architecture community, AWS, and customer speakers, and AWS product leadership from EventBridge and Step Functions.

EDA day covered 13 sessions, 3 workshops, and a Q&A panel. The conference was keynoted by Gregor Hohpe and speakers included Sheen Brisals and Sarah Hamilton from Lego, Toli Apostolidis from Cinch, David Boyne and Marcia Villalba from Serverless DA, and the AWS product team leadership for the panel. Customers could also interact with EDA experts at the Serverlesspresso bar and the Ask the Experts whiteboard.

Gregor Hohpe talking at EDA Day London 2022

Gregor Hohpe talking at EDA Day London 2022

Picture of the crowd at EDA day 2022 in London

Serverless snippets collection added to Serverless Land

Serverless Land is a website that is maintained by the Serverless Developer Advocate team to help you build with workshops, patterns, blogs, and videos. The team has extended Serverless Land and introduced the new AWS Serverless snippets collection. Builders can use serverless snippets to find and integrate tools, code examples, and Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights queries to help with their development workflow.

Serverless Blog Posts


Jul 13 – Optimizing Node.js dependencies in AWS Lambda

Jul 15 – Simplifying serverless best practices with AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript

Jul 15 – Creating a serverless Apache Kafka publisher using AWS Lambda 

Jul 18 – Understanding AWS Lambda scaling and throughput

Jul 19 – Introducing Amazon CodeWhisperer in the AWS Lambda console (In preview)

Jul 19 – Scaling AWS Lambda permissions with Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)

Jul 25 – Migrating mainframe JCL jobs to serverless using AWS Step Functions

Jul 28 – Using AWS Lambda to run external transactions on Db2 for IBM i


Aug 1 – Using certificate-based authentication for iOS applications with Amazon SNS

Aug 4 – Introducing tiered pricing for AWS Lambda

Aug 5 – Securely retrieving secrets with AWS Lambda

Aug 8 – Estimating cost for Amazon SQS message processing using AWS Lambda

Aug 9 – Building AWS Lambda governance and guardrails

Aug 11 – Introducing the new AWS Serverless Snippets Collection

Aug 12 – Introducing bidirectional event integrations with Salesforce and Amazon EventBridge

Aug 17 – Using custom consumer group ID support for AWS Lambda event sources for MSK and self-managed Kafka

Aug 24 – Speeding up incremental changes with AWS SAM Accelerate and nested stacks

Aug 29 – Deploying AWS Lambda functions using AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK)

Aug 30 – Building cost-effective AWS Step Functions workflows


Sep 05 – Introducing new intrinsic functions for AWS Step Functions

Sep 08 – Introducing message data protection for Amazon SNS

Sep 14 – Lifting and shifting a web application to AWS Serverless: Part 1

Sep 14 – Lifting and shifting a web application to AWS Serverless: Part 2


Serverless Office Hours – Tues 10AM PT

Weekly live virtual office hours. In each session we talk about a specific topic or technology related to serverless and open it up to helping you with your real serverless challenges and issues. Ask us anything you want about serverless technologies and applications.



Jul 5 – AWS SAM Accelerate GA + more!

Jul 12 – Infrastructure as actual code

Jul 19 – The AWS Step Functions Workflows Collection

Jul 26 – AWS Lambda Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)


Aug 2 – AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript/Node.js

Aug 9 – AWS CloudFormation Hooks

Aug 16 – Java on Lambda best-practices

Aug 30 – Alex de Brie: DynamoDB Misconceptions


Sep 06 – AWS Lambda Cost Optimization

Sep 13 – Amazon EventBridge Salesforce integration

Sep 20 – .NET on AWS Lambda best practices

FooBar Serverless YouTube channel

Marcia Villalba frequently publishes new videos on her popular serverless YouTube channel. You can view all of Marcia’s videos at


Jul 7 – Amazon Cognito – Add authentication and authorization to your web apps

Jul 14 – Add Amazon Cognito to an existing application – NodeJS-Express and React

Jul 21 – Introduction to Amazon CloudFront – Add CDN to your applications

Jul 28 – Add Amazon S3 storage and use a CDN in an existing application


Aug 04 – Testing serverless application locally – Demo with Node.js, Express, and React

Aug 11 – Building Amazon CloudWatch dashboards with AWS CDK

Aug 19 – Let’s code – Lift and Shift migration to Serverless of Node.js, Express, React and Mongo app

Aug 25 – Let’s code – Lift and Shift migration to Serverless, migrating Authentication and Authorization

Aug 29 – Deploying AWS Lambda functions using AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK)


Sep 1 – Run Artillery in a Lambda function | Load test your serverless applications

Sep 8 – Let’s code – Lift and Shift migration to Serverless, migrating Storage with Amazon S3 and CloudFront

Sep 15 – What are Event-Driven Architectures? Why we care?

Sep 22 – Queues – Point to Point Messaging – Exploring Event-Driven Patterns

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