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Agency Systems deploys fully managed DaaS technology to improve customer experience

For the past 30 years, Agency Systems has been providing insurance agencies of all sizes with reliable, full-featured insurance agency management software solutions for commercial and personal lines, retail agencies, brokers, and general agencies. Cloud Migration In 2014, Agency Systems began their journey to adopt and embrace cloud-based technologies. Cloud migration began with rebuilding their […]

Building for business continuity with Amazon WorkSpaces and AWS Directory Services

Amazon WorkSpaces provides a cloud native, fully managed virtual desktop for remote working models with business continuity requirements. Having a remote and disperse workforce allows organizations to reduce their real estate costs significantly while maintaining the same or even higher levels of productivity. This model also removes the risk that an unforeseen event that affects […]

New Amazon WorkSpaces features drive customer choice and flexibility

No two customers are alike. This reality is built into how we think about the AWS End User Computing (EUC) category. AWS EUC offers a set of services that help organizations securely deliver desktops and applications to employees in any supported AWS Region. In practice, this has meant that each organization employs their own unique […]

Use the EUC Toolkit to manage Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces

Administrators can reduce self-managed VDI operational overhead by using End User Computing (EUC) managed services. Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces are fully managed, application, and desktop virtualization services. These services have APIs to programmatically manage and maintain the workload. The EUC Toolkit is an open-sourced tool to add additional functionality using the service-related public […]

Automatically attach additional security groups to Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces

Both Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces have a default security group to attach to new instances. In highly regulated and controlled environments, a single security group does not always meet security requirements of the organization. Centrally managed security policies require attaching multiple security groups that are controlled by the security or other team. In […]

How Verint Uses Amazon WorkSpaces Web to Securely Access Internal Resources

Amazon WorkSpaces Web is a low-cost, fully managed, secure browser built to facilitate secure access to internal websites and software as a service (SaaS) applications from existing web browsers, without the administrative burden of appliances or specialized client software. Protect internal content with enterprise controls, while providing access to all the web-based productivity tools users […]

Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (Amazon WAM) is retiring

Retiring Amazon WAM Since launching Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager in 2015, we have accelerated our pace of innovation in AWS End User Computing (EUC). We have launched new services, added additional features, and expanded our global community of partners. Our customers tell us that they need application management solutions that can scale to support all […]

Understand end-user access to Amazon WorkSpaces with Amazon CloudWatch

Customers often ask how to gain additional insights into how their users are connecting to WorkSpaces. In addition, customers want to know environments that do not meet the required client supported version. In a previous post, to analyze access patterns in Amazon WorkSpaces, we highlighted how this can be accomplished using Amazon QuickSight. This can […]

Create a notification for changes to Amazon WorkSpaces gateway ranges

From time to time, the Amazon WorkSpaces service will add additional IP ranges to the service’s streaming gateways. This provides additional capacity to customers to give a first-rate streaming experience. When changes like this are staged, and deployed, we alert customers via email and the Personal Health Dashboard. A common customer ask is for a […]

How to manage Amazon WorkSpaces cost optimization at scale

Amazon WorkSpaces customers who have multiple AWS Accounts face challenges gathering an organization-wide view of their WorkSpaces spend and usage details. They ask questions such as, which accounts should we focus efforts on? How can we focus our efforts? In this blog post I’ll walk you through available options to dive deeper into Amazon WorkSpaces […]