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Announcing AWS Cloud Development Kit v2 Developer Preview

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) v2 is now available for Developer Preview in TypeScript, Python, Java, C#, and Go. The AWS CDK is an open-source software development framework to model and provision your cloud application resources using familiar programming languages. With the AWS CDK, you can define your infrastructure as code and provision […]

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Announcing the end of support for Node.js <10.x in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v2)

Starting November 1 2021, the AWS SDK For JavaScript (v2) will no longer support the following end of life (EOL) Node.js runtime versions: Node.js 0.10 – EOL on 2016-10-31 Node.js 0.12 – EOL on 2016-12-31 Node.js 4.x – EOL on 2018-04-30 Node.js 6.x – EOL on 2019-04-30 Node.js 8.x – EOL on 2019-12-31 We encourage you […]

Dive into the AWS SDK for .NET’s Runtime Pipeline and Client Configuration

Improve your application’s performance and make your application more resilient to transient errors by seeing how to configure settings such as maximum length to wait for a request to complete, or specify API request retry behavior. Learn what the AWS SDK for .NET’s runtime pipeline is and how to customize it and even how to add your own behaviors to each API request.

Developing on Amazon Linux 2 using Windows

See how to get the best of both Windows and Linux as your development environment all on the same machine. Run the Amazon Linux 2 distribution via the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 and leverage the Visual Studio Code Remote – WSL extension, AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, and the AWS SAM CLI to provide a frictionless development experience.

Introducing AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio support for AWS SSO and Assume Role with MFA

The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio uses locally stored credentials to help you develop, debug, and deploy .NET applications that use Amazon Web Services. These credentials inform the Toolkit which AWS account it is working with, and gate whether or not the Toolkit is allowed to perform actions against an account. It is common for […]

Build infrastructure continuous integration for Terraform code leveraging AWS Developer Tools and Terratest

Introduction Day by day customers are embracing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) as a main approach to design, provide, develop and maintain their cloud infrastructure. IaC ensures reproducibility and scalability of their infrastructure while at the same time it allows DevOps to adopt best practices and paradigms. In the context of IaC, Terraform is widely used among […]

AWS SDK for .NET version 1 has reached the end of support

AWS SDK for .NET version 1 (v1) has reached the end of support. We will no longer publish any updates to .NET SDK v1, including critical bugs or security updates. Previously published releases will continue to be available via NuGet. The code will remain on GitHub, but the repository may be archived in the future. […]

Running a Kubernetes Job in Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate Using AWS StepFunctions

In a previous AWS Blog, I shared an application orchestration process to run Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) Tasks on AWS Fargate using AWS Step Functions. This blog will be similar continuation but here we will be running the same application on Amazon EKS as a Kubernetes job on Fargate using StepFunctions. Amazon EKS […]