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Announcing a New Game Tech Video Tutorial Series: Building Games on AWS

AWS Game Tech is excited to announce “Building Games on AWS” — a new YouTube series pioneered by Game Tech Solutions Architects that focuses on teaching game developers how to use AWS for game-related workflows. This series will take learnings and best practices from working with customers to help game studios use AWS to make games.

What is the Game Tech YouTube Series?

This video series is designed for anyone involved in the process of creating video games, and aims to enable game developers at studios of any size to leverage AWS technologies to make hit games. Videos in the “Building Games on AWS” series are broken up into topical mini-series that introduce enterprise-grade AWS services to developers who are new to AWS, as well as demonstrate how to use them in game development workflows for those already familiar with the services. We will provide short, digestible, and informative videos via YouTube that are led by our AWS Game Tech Solutions Architect team. This delivery format also leaves the opportunity for more in depth videos where Solutions Architects can deep dive into specific AWS services for game development in the future.

Overview of the Game Analytics Pipeline series

The first series is about the Game Analytics Pipeline solution from AWS. This solution helps game developers launch a scalable serverless data pipeline to ingest, store, and analyze telemetry data generated from games and services. The architecture of the pipeline is illustrated in the following image.

Game Analytics Pipeline solution architecture

Image 1: Game Analytics Pipeline Architecture

The Game Analytics Pipeline series has nine episodes that explain why analytics are important for games, and walk through common industry challenges when capturing analytics. It provides an overview of the Game Analytics Pipeline solution and demonstrate how to deploy the solution, generate sample game events, and how to do real-time and batch analytics on AWS. We will release one episode per week for the duration of the series.

Planned series

We also have a calendar of content planned to be released after the first series, including:

  • AI and ML for games;
  • Unity game engine integration with serverless AWS services;
  • Amazon GameLift integration with Unreal Engine;
  • and choosing the right database for your game workload.

Watch now

The first episode of the Game Analytics Pipeline series is now available on our AWS Game Tech YouTube channel. Click here to watch it now.

If there are any tutorials or topics you would like us to cover, please leave feedback in the YouTube comments section, or email us at

Now, go experiment on AWS!