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Stream a remote environment with NICE DCV over QUIC UDP for a 4K monitor at 60 FPS

In recent years, game development has become increasingly distributed. In 2020, COVID-19 accelerated the demand and innovation for remote solutions. Game teams of all shapes and sizes were left with two choices: rush to take home workstations and then use their virtual private network (VPN) to access the office, or leave office development workstations and […]

A conversation with Women in Games

In this post, we hear from UKIR Sales Lead for AWS Game Tech and Advisory Board Member of not-for-profit organization Women in Games (WIGJ), Sarah Calveley, who recently hosted a fireside chat at the WIGJ Global Conference. As a woman with a career in technology, and particularly games, I’m very passionate about diversity in the […]

AWS Game Tech Overview: Why Build Your Game in the Cloud?

The stakes for games have gotten higher. As players become more connected than ever, developers are more committed to delighting them with great design. And having the right technology to make that design shine is key. Creating these innovative experiences requires reliable global infrastructure that can keep your game running—no matter how many players are […]