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June webinar series: Join us and learn how to get started with AWS Game Tech

Get started with Game Tech webinar series


Creating a game takes time. In an ideal world as a developer, you’d like to dedicate your attention to building gameplay features that entertain and engage players, not sink cycles on your game’s infrastructure. In reality, the decisions you make behind the scenes greatly impact your ability to provide a great player experience. But where do you start?

Today we’re excited to introduce the Getting Started with Game Tech webinar series, running as a week of daily live episodes from June 22 – 25, 2020. AWS Game Tech Developer Advocate, Arni Birgisson, will help you navigate the building blocks available on AWS. He’ll help studios of all sizes make informed decisions on how to provide smooth player experiences and ship games faster, with fewer operational resources and reduced operational overhead.

Each webinar will focus on a different competency. You’ll walk away with greater insights into how cloud services can help you design and build engaging experiences for your players.

Starting with foundational content on ‘Why Cloud?’, we’ll then dive into different use cases with case studies from well-known studios and technical best practices on how to implement them. We’ll discuss the benefits of a low-latency content distribution network, using AI-driven voice tools to animate non-playable characters, how to give your geographically distributed dev teams access to remote working tools, and using templatized tools to build a game analytics pipeline.

See the full agenda and register for the Getting Started with Game Tech webinar series today »