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AWS for Healthcare at HIMSS22

The HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is the largest health information and technology event of the year, providing professionals with opportunities to connect, learn, and innovate. This year, HIMSS22 will take place in Orlando, March 15-17, and also features a separate virtual event, HIMSS22 Digital, running in parallel to the in-person conference.

To help healthcare customers deliver patient-centered care, AWS along with our customers and partners will highlight purpose-built services and solutions that will help increase the pace of innovation and unlock the value of health data at HIMSS22 in Orlando. Read on to learn where you can find us and learn more:

AWS on the HIMSS22 Show Floor (Booth #1041)

Demo Pods

Clinical Information Systems: Explore solutions for clinical workloads like electronic health records (EHR) and medical imaging to help healthcare organizations collect, store, manage, and transmit healthcare data throughout the continuum of care. Featured AWS Partner: Deloitte and Visage Imaging.

Healthcare Analytics & AI/ML: Discover solutions that improve clinical and operational efficiency, develop personalized treatments, and predict healthcare events—accelerating the move toward proactive, personalized medicine. Featured AWS Partner: Cognosante.

Patient and Clinician Experience: Dive into solutions that improve patient, member and clinician experiences, from converting speech into text for more informative patient records to running reliable virtual care platforms. Amazon Alexa is also featured in this demo pod. Featured AWS Partners: Pariveda.

Core Health IT: Find solutions that modernize healthcare IT infrastructure and applications, and reduce operational overhead by leveraging AWS migration services, hybrid cloud and virtualization, and disaster recovery while operating securely in a highly regulated industry with global standard. Featured AWS Partner: ClearDATA.

AWS Theater

From 10:00 AM on March 15 through 3:00 PM on March 17, the in-booth AWS Theater offers a full schedule of over 40 sessions led by AWS experts and partners.

AWS experts will present on the technical and business benefits of solutions across core health IT, analytics & AI/ML, clinical systems, and patient experience. Featured AWS services and solutions include Epic on AWS, Medical Imaging on AWS, Amazon Comprehend Medical, Amazon Transcribe Medical, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon HealthLake, Amazon Connect, Amazon Chime SDK, AWS Backup and Amazon Alexa.

AWS Partners like Change Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Hyland Software, Medhost, Philips, and Pariveda will present and demonstrate technical expertise and customer success in building solutions on AWS. Drop in to learn about solutions running on AWS across EHR, virtual care, interoperability, population health, and more.

Ask an Amazonian

Have a specific question or looking to start your cloud journey? Request a meeting with one of our experts. Or, visit the Ask an Amazonian stand in the center of the AWS booth for a drop-in.

AWS speaking engagements at HIMSS22

Pre-Conference – Patient Experience Forum

State of Patient Experience | March 14, 8:55 AM | Rosen Centre, Grand Ballroom D
AWS speaker: Paul Torrey

Nearly two years after WHO declared COVID a global pandemic, clinicians and healthcare leaders are still grappling with this everchanging environment and how best to provide care for their patients. How has the patient experience changed in the past 18 months? In the age of innovation, it seems like technology and virtual care can provided a solution. A recent report on the “Impact of COVID-19 on Patient Experience” released by Press Ganey, showed a drop in HCAHPS overall hospital care. At the same time, the pandemic has taken a toll on the provider’s well being. With these facts as the starting point, our leadership panel will discuss the current and future state of patient experience and the challenges spawned by the on-going pandemic. They’ll discuss strategies and different approaches organizations can adopt to ensure both providers and patients are being cared for. Learn more

Pre-Conference – Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare Forum

Building a Modern Data Strategy to Fuel Innovation and Improve Patient Care| March 14, 9:40 AM | Rosen Centre, Grand Ballroom C
AWS speaker: Taha Kass-Hout

Hear from leaders at AWS and GE Healthcare about the role of health data in delivering personalized medicine. As health data grows and becomes increasingly diverse, clinicians and radiologists need easy access to data that is seamlessly integrated, aggregated, and visualized in applications and services across modalities and within their existing workflows. To enable this vision you need an end-to-end data strategy to help unify your data in the cloud and use advanced analytics and machine learning tools to inform insights, accelerate decision-making, and improve patient care. In this fireside chat, we will discuss some of the top challenges facing healthcare organizations today and how technology and the cloud is enabling innovation to unlock the potential of science and health data. Learn more

CXO Spotlight

Advancing Health Equity Through Powerful Technology Solutions| March 15, 10:30 AM | Orange County Convention Center, W206A
AWS speaker: Rowland Illing

The global pandemic shined a light on the ever-increasing healthcare disparities prevalent in our country. A growing movement among healthcare leaders is to use technology to address these disparities and ultimately improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable healthcare consumers in our communities. Achieving health equity will require strategic investments in healthcare infrastructure and the creation of new applications and approaches to care. Though technology, and cloud technology specifically, is not a panacea, it can be a force multiplier for organizations trying to address large-scale health issues. Panelists will provide practical and actionable approaches to addressing and improving access to health services, reducing disparities in care, and leveraging technology to drive better healthcare outcomes for all. Learn more

Industry Solution Sessions (ISS)

Migrating Electronic Health Records to the Cloud | March 15, 3:00 PM | Orange County Convention Center, W208C
AWS speaker: Steve Malme

Health systems have clear requirements and critical dependencies in their use of electronic health record (EHR) systems. AWS works closely with EHR’s to accelerate innovation around clinical, financial, and patient applications to make healthcare a more personal experience – all in a secure environment that ensures data privacy. Join this session to learn how AWS and AWS partners work with providers to help innovate on their current EHR system, incorporating technology like voice, natural language processing, and machine learning to reduce administrative burden and improve clinician experience. Learn more

Beyond Ransomware – Are You Prepared for Everyday Threats? | March 16, 1:00 PM | Orange County Convention Center, W207C
AWS speaker: Hector Rodriguez

Disasters, whether human-made or natural are unavoidable, so planning for them is critical to ensuring delivery of care, regardless of the situation. And, while most are aware of and planning for high-profile data breaches and ransomware, many are not considering the most common types of IT disasters, such as lost laptops, server configuration errors, and employee security lapses. In the healthcare industry, where every second is critical, IT downtime can impact data access and cause interruptions in operational performance system-wide, resulting in patients not receiving the care they need when they need it. Additionally, the impact to revenue and reputation can be nearly-impossible to overcome. This session will outline the most common IT disasters, provide guidance on mitigating and responding to those disasters, and also being prepared for the high profile disasters, such as data breaches and ransomware. Learn more

Partner Sponsored Industry Solution Sessions (ISS)

Harnessing Information to Power the Transformation of Healthcare | March 15, 10:30 AM | Orange County Convention Center, W207C
AWS speaker: Lyndsey Burton

Our traditional clinic and hospital-based model of healthcare is being disrupted by new market entrants leveraging digital health, disturbing long established ideas of care delivery and management, and generating new kinds of data at high volume. How do we manage and use that data to inform consumers, buyers, and market participants? How do make sure it is accessible, usable, and shared effectively? How do we measure what is working, and what is not? In a conversational format, this panel from InterSystems and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will consider the role of cloud service providers, information sharing and analytics in the emergence of a consumer-led digital health ecosystem. Learn more

Industry Leaders Advancing Health Equity and Accountability | March 15, 10:45 AM | Hyatt Regency Orlando, Florida Ballroom C
AWS speaker: Elizabeth Boudreau

Disparities in health care access, delivery, and outcomes present distressing challenges to underserved populations, who often experience a greater burden of chronic diseases and are more likely to show signs of poor disease management. As we begin to look forward, the digital solutions that many have come to rely on during the pandemic will remain, making digital health equity, including access and literacy, even more important. This session will explore how tackling health inequities requires a collaborative culture shift across all stakeholders with a laser focus on effectiveness and accountability. Learn more

Digital health: Engineering Value-Based Care | March 17, 11:30 AM | Orange County Convention Center, W207C
AWS speaker: Patrick Combes

As an expert in end-to-end product engineering, digital enablement, automation & deep learning applications, QuEST will focus on accelerated ecosystem development & the process of integration of AI/DL blueprints/solutions in an ecosystem environment. Session will include the different types of platforms and technologies that are enabling this integration & the role that QuEST plays as a SI to enhance value-based care. QuEST partners like NVIDIA & AWS will contribute by elaborating on their health-specific platforms, solutions & features that enables faster AI development along with use case examples & their usage. Session includes AWS’s healthcare APIs and solutions & NVIDIA’s GPU processing algorithms & their services like Omniverse, toolkit or cloud-based solution. Also, there will be emphasis on the differentiators & services in healthcare segment. QuEST Global as a certified NVIDIA and AWS partner, helps customers integrate the solutions/services/accelerators. Learn more

Unlocking Benefits in Moving Epic to AWS: A Practical Approach | March 15, 1:00 PM | Orange County Convention Center, W203B
AWS speaker: Steve Malme and Jimmy DeLurgio

Healthcare providers are rapidly investing in IT to meet unprecedented demand and deliver personalized patient care. Cloud, notably AWS, is providing the foundation for these new digital care ecosystems. Migrating away from legacy, non-interoperable systems is enabling providers to connect and easily access once disparate data across servers and applications – especially Epic. Innovation on the cloud allows care delivery to extend capabilities and drive insights back into point-of-care. However, healthcare cloud transformation is a complex journey, requiring specialized technical skills and industry expertise. This will create seamless environments that meet the unique needs of providers and new care settings while safeguarding sensitive patient data. Join Kyndryl and Amazon Web Services to learn how you can leverage the combined power of infrastructure and services to extend Epic’s capabilities, accelerate digital initiatives, and meet demand. Streamline operations, enable cost-savings, and empower your clinical teams to deliver best-in-class patient care. Learn more

Visit the AWS for Healthare at HIMSS22 for full details & to join us at the event

Monty Zarrouk

Monty Zarrouk

Monty Zarrouk is responsible for healthcare industry marketing at AWS. Prior to joining AWS, Monty has developed and executed GTM plans and led creative product marketing projects from ideation through launch with various data management, analytics and cloud computing technology providers. Monty holds an MBA from McGill University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver.