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AWS re:Invent 2019 – Travel and Hospitality Industry Guide

*Updated Oct 24, 2019

AWS re:Invent is a conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. The event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to more than 2,000 technical sessions, a partner expo, after-hours events, and so much more. re:Invent 2019 will take place Dec 2-6 in Las Vegas. With more than 60,000 attendees across six venues on the Las Vegas strip, 2019 promises the be the biggest re:Invent yet.

With so much going on at re:Invent, it’s sometimes difficult to determine how to spend your time. If you plan to attend, please register. Once you do, be sure to reserve your seat to your favorite sessions. There are some incredible sessions shaping up for the travel and hospitality community. The leadership session will feature customers who have gone all-in on AWS featuring leading companies spanning the diverse segments of airlines, hotels, and food delivery: Korean Air, Choice Hotels and Deliveroo. The session on personalization will also provide a range of perspectives — featuring speakers from iconic brands United Airlines and Hyatt Hotels as well as South Korean unicorn Yanolja. More info and links to the session are below:

TRH201-L Travel and Hospitality Leadership Session

In the Travel and Hospitality industry, competition and customer expectations are greater than ever. AWS is helping industry leaders stay relevant and gain a competitive edge by delivering guest experiences that delight customers. Hear how businesses in the industry are turning big data into actionable customer insights and are creating guest experiences that are both more connected and personal, all while saving time and money. No matter which part of the industry you touch, you walk away from this session with both inspiration and techniques to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Brian Kirkland, CTO, Choice Hotels; William Sprunt, CIO, Deliveroo; Kenneth Chang, EVP/CMO, Korean Air

TRH202 Personalizing Customer Experiences in Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is extremely competitive, and customers expect a personalized experience at every touch point. From recommendations for the perfect meal to suggestions for the right hotel room, tailored experiences drive higher engagement and loyalty. In this session, you learn how companies, with the help of AWS, are transforming their businesses through personalization. We describe how machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other services can help you leverage data and insights to “wow” your consumers at every stage of their journeys. Walk away with tangible knowledge, whether you’re looking to level-up your personalized offerings or you’re just getting started.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Srihari Thotapalli, Global Head of Analytics, Hyatt Hotels; Praveen Sharma, Vice President, Digital Products & Analytics, United Airlines; Mr Kim Jong Yoon, CEO Business Group, Yanolja


Chalk Talks

Chalk talks are one hour and feature expert-level content presented by AWS experts. Don’t miss these Chalk Talks for Travel and hospitality builders:

TRH301 – Unlocking the potential of IoT in Travel and Hospitality

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the technologies causing the most disruption in the Travel and Hospitality industry. This urgency, along with increased competition and higher customer expectations, has led the industry to be among the first movers with IoT. In this session, you learn how leading companies are using IoT to develop connected kitchen and hotel room experiences, airline bag tracking solutions, aircraft turn tracking, and more. Hear the latest advancements, and learn ways to apply this technology to improve your business outcomes.

TRH302 – Turn Travel and Hospitality call centers into profit centers

Providing best-in-class customer service is essential for business success, and this is particularly true in the Travel and Hospitality industry. AWS, specifically the Amazon Connect service, makes it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at lower cost and has been widely adopted in the industry. In this session, you learn how you can successfully integrate your customer databases, loyalty systems, and reservation systems. You also hear how leading companies have turned the customer service function, long considered a cost center, into a profit center.

Other great sessions to consider

While re:Invent offers something for everyone, here are a few more recommended sessions travel and hospitality professionals may find particularly relevant:

AIM219 – Modernize your contact center with machine learning

IOT309 – Combining IoT and machine learning for predictive maintenance

AIM221 – Transform operations and enable predictive maintenance with ML

NET310 – Building serverless micro frontends at the edge

Chalk Talks

AIM328 – Build predictive maintenance systems with Amazon SageMaker

AIM349 – Build a hotel recommender with Amazon Personalize—no ML skills needed

MFG301 – Real-time machine monitoring using AWS IoT services

EUC336 – Surprise and delight customers with location-based notifications

See you in Vegas!

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