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Women Reinventing Energy featuer card

Women Reinventing Energy

The energy sector is increasingly recognizing the vital importance of women and diversity in driving innovation, enhancing decision-making, and fostering sustainable growth. In an era where global energy challenges are complex and multifaceted, the inclusion of diverse perspectives, particularly from women, is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity. By embracing diversity, the […]

OT-IT Integration: AWS and Siemens break down data silos by closing the machine-to-cloud gap

Introduction The industrial sector is driving the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), promising improved efficiency and data-driven decision making. This is a much-needed shift; without it, industrial organizations will likely struggle scaling their digital transformation and smart connected operations. However, the path to OT-IT integration has faced challenges ranging from security […]

Fidelity International improves customer experience using Amazon SageMaker

Fidelity International improves customer experience using Amazon SageMaker

Many companies want to actively use advance analytics to bring operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience. Automating and migrating to the cloud machine learning operations (MLOps) techniques can provide streamlined machine learning (ML), improved data processing, and enhance operational efficiency—leading to substantial cost reductions compared to on-premises deployment. The challenge There has been a […]

Advertising Week New York 2023’s key generative AI takeaways

Advertising Week New York 2023’s key generative AI takeaways

With an ability to create new content and ideas like never before, generative artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the widespread attention and imagination across the advertising and marketing industry. In fact, by the close of 2025, less than two and a half years from now, three of every ten outbound marketing messages from enterprises will […]

Genentech sustainably generates a large dataset on AWS to advance machine learning-based research on a potential new drug modality

Genentech sustainably generates a large dataset on AWS to advance machine learning-based research on a potential new drug modality

Genentech is a biotechnology company that pioneered the biotech industry and revolutionized how some of the world’s most complex health problems are treated. Today, as a member of the Roche Group, the company remains dedicated to pursuing breakthrough research, developing life-changing medicines, unlocking advances in data and technology, and partnering across society to take on […]

Accelerate connected vehicle deployment feature card

Accelerate connected vehicle deployment with the Connected Mobility Solution on AWS

AWS is pleased to announce significant improvements to our Connected Mobility Solution (CMS), including the addition of an Automotive Cloud Developer Portal (ACDP). These enhancements include advanced DevOps features, deployment tools a like Cloud Formation and Cloud Developer Kit (CDK), and new plugins and metrics to help improve development and operational oversight of Connected Vehicle Platforms. Importantly, […]

AWS Clean Rooms feature card

AWS Clean Rooms: Privacy-enhanced collaboration use cases

Companies across industries are increasingly seeking ways to complement their first-party data to build a holistic view of their customers or business. This often means developing a view across channels and engagements, as well as complementing their first-party data with their business partners’ data. This need for data collaboration spans company size, geography, and industry. […]

SoePay feature card

How payment companies are building SoftPOS solutions on AWS

The needs for dedicated card machines (or readers) tied to point-of-sale (POS) systems have historically restricted certain micro-merchants from adoption of electronic payments. New advancements in payments technology and standards have led to the development of software point-of-sale (SoftPOS). SoftPOS is a software-based solution that transforms near field communication (NFC)-enabled smartphones into a contactless payment […]

Enable Intelligent Insights for Telecom Networks Using AWS BI Capabilities

Enable Analytics and Insights for Telecom Networks

Telecom networks generate voluminous fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) data. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are looking at ways to use this data efficiently to improve the network health, as well as reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD), and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR). They want to increase the service uptime, reduce spectrum interference, […]

Ultralow latency seismic interpretation feature card

Ultralow latency seismic interpretation on AWS Local Zones

Seismic Interpretation is the extraction of subsurface geologic information from seismic data. Due to the large data volumes and a move to 3D seismic interpretation, end users typically require high-spec workstations with 3D graphics cards and large, high-resolution monitors to make the most efficient use of the expensive data and machines. High latency in the […]