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AWS for Health at re:Invent 2022: Industry Attendee Guide

Healthcare & Life Sciences at re:Invent 2022- Industry Attendee Guide

Celebrating its 11th year, AWS re:Invent 2022 is gearing up to deliver a week of inspiring content, educational workshops and boot camps—all with plenty of peer-to-peer networking opportunities. This year’s conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV from November 28th through December 1st, and will have an engaging virtual component for those who cannot […]

Limiting Subscriber Churn by leveraging real-time subscribers’ feedback – part 1 of 2

When resolving network and service incidents, communication service providers (CSPs) have low visibility on how network incidents are perceived by their subscribers. As a result, resolution of network incidents is not optimized towards upholding customer satisfaction, leading to reduced effectiveness in limiting churn and increased cost of first-line support. This blog series demonstrates a fully […]

Building Digital Connected Labs with AWS

Building Digitally Connected Labs with AWS

Many Life Sciences organizations struggle with lab digitalization that can scale, automate data tasks, enable AI/ML, and create collaborative environments that support diverse R&D efforts. The AWS Digital Lab Strategy is a set of services, architectures, and partners to help take advantage of cloud scale and agility. Efforts to build digital lab capabilities seem to […]

Introducing the Healthcare Industry Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Introducing the Healthcare Industry Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Today, health organizations are using AWS to build cloud workloads that can help improve patient care and drive healthcare innovation forward. These innovative methods are increasing operational efficiency, and creating new, data-driven care plans—all designed to help improve people’s health. Cloud workloads can unlock information contained within a health dataset through comprehensive analytics, or can […]

FSI Services Spotlight: Featuring AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory

Welcome back to the Financial Services Industry (FSI) Service Spotlight monthly series. Each month we look at five key considerations that FSI customers should focus on to help streamline cloud service approval for one particular service. Each of the five key considerations includes specific guidance, suggested reference architectures, and technical code that can be used […]

Transforming the Automotive Supply Chain with AWS

“Times are changing” – when Bob Dylan published his record breaking album in 1964, the automotive industry was riding on a wave of success. Cars became widely available for the public, and luxury icons such as the Porsche 911 were born. Today, Bob Dylan’s words resonate much more with anyone involved in the automotive industry, […]

Is your Enterprise Risk Management Framework ready for the Cloud?

Chief Risk Officers (CROs) and the risk function both have an important role to play in the continued digital transformation of financial services institutions (FSIs), and the use of Cloud technology to enable it. Cloud technology differs from traditional (on-premises) IT solutions, and the relationship between FSIs and cloud service provider is also different to […]

Driving network monetization capabilities to create growth

At Digital Transformation World 2022, I had the pleasure to partake in a panel joined by Erlend Prestgard, CEO and Co-Founder, wgtwo and Peter Leukert, CIO, Deutsche Telekom AG. I was able to showcase how at AWS, we intend to combine a layered view on how the transformation from Telco to TechCo and a cloud […]

Duke Energy Solar Panels

Duke Energy and AWS are innovating for a smarter, cleaner energy future

Image courtesy of Duke Energy Duke Energy is collaborating with AWS to develop industry-leading smart grid solutions that will benefit its customers and help advance its clean energy transition. The energy landscape is rapidly changing. Individuals and businesses alike are embracing renewable energy and adopting electric vehicles (EVs). Couple these trends with a rise in […]


Unlocking sustainable power using Stem’s AI-driven clean energy platform on AWS

In response to the mounting impacts of climate-driven extreme weather, and continued global and regional mandates, industries and businesses worldwide are increasingly investing in sustainability, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), as well as Net-Zero strategies. This includes setting goals to reduce businesses’ carbon emissions by 2030 and accelerating investments in the adoption of clean energy […]