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Make the most of AWS re:Invent 2020 – Automotive Attendee Guide

AWS re:Invent routinely fills several Las Vegas venues with standing-room only crowds, but we are bringing it to you with an all-virtual and free event this year. This year’s conference is gearing up to be our biggest yet, and features programming specific to the Automotive Industry. We have an exciting re:Invent schedule planned, featuring five keynotes, 18 leadership sessions, and over 500 breakout sessions. There are more than a dozen Automotive sessions featuring AWS customers including BMW Group, Volkswagen, Toyota Connected, Rivian and two major industry announcements! Learn how AWS experts and talented members of the Automotive industry are using cloud technology to transform their businesses and innovate on the behalf of their customers.

For Automotive attendees looking to get the most out of their experience, follow these steps:

  • Register for re:Invent. Once you are registered, you can log in to view the complete session guide and create your schedule. Please search by session title and “add” each session to your calendar.
  • Please note that each session airs three times to accommodate global time zones. Please select the session time that best fits your schedule. All times listed below are in PST.
  • Take a look at all of the Automotive sessions available, as well as other information and additional activities, in our curated Virtual Attendee Guide for Automotive
  • Bookmark and check back on this post regularly, as we’ll continually update it to reflect the newest information and session guide.

Automotive at re:Invent 2020

Advancements in connected mobility, autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and manufacturing are converging to revolutionize the Automotive industry. In this unprecedented age of innovation, Automotive companies rely on AWS to fuel their digital transformation efforts to innovate faster, while maintaining ownership and control of their data and brand experience. In these Automotive-focused sessions, you’ll hear from customers and our own Automotive experts on how AWS technology is helping the industry transform.

Automotive sessions

AUT201: Transforming the automotive industry with the Industrial Cloud
The Industrial Cloud is an open and secure industry platform, community, and marketplace bringing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), automotive suppliers, and service providers together to scale applications and help optimize operations. Learn how Volkswagen’s digital production platform, built on AWS, has accelerated the development of an industry ecosystem with common services and broad solutions for efficiency improvements and greater insights through a diverse community of partners. This partner community brings together parts suppliers, technology providers, system integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs), logistics providers, and OEMs to address a variety of manufacturing and supply chain use cases.


Nihar Patel, New Business Development Strategic Projects at Volkswagen AG

Jon Allen, Director of Professional Services for Automotive at Amazon Web Services

AUT301: Alexa, charge my car! Test drive the Accenture EV Roaming Platform
As legislation and brand awareness drive electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the market, several points of friction surround ownership and user experience. Electric vehicle owners are challenged with fragmented charging infrastructure and uncertain battery health. Learn how Accenture developed an EV roaming platform with the AWS Connected Vehicle Solution, AWS IoT Greengrass, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, and more. Explore the architecture and see how it enables mobile applications and head units to allow OEMs and utilities a more meaningful role in shaping the EV experience, from charging and payments to trip planning and maintenance.


Raffaele Menolascino, Managing Director at Accenture

Dean Phillips, Worldwide Tech Leader for Automotive at Amazon Web Services

AUT302: Cruising the highway toward automated driving systems with BMW
In this session, explore the AWS autonomous driving data lake reference architecture to learn how organizations manage the challenge of ingesting, transforming, labeling, and cataloging massive amounts of data to develop automated driving systems using Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, and more. See how BMW Group collects 1 billion+ km of anonymized perception data from its worldwide connected fleet of customer vehicles to develop safe and performant automated driving systems. This sessions explains the purpose of and approach to the data collection and discusses examples from analyzing this valuable dataset.


Marc Neumann, Product Owner Advanced Analytics at BMW Group

Junjie Tang, Principal Consultant Autonomous Vehicles at Amazon Web Services

AUT303: Reimagining Mobility with Toyota Connected
Discover how Toyota’s Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) and application programming interfaces (APIs) enable them to collect data from connected vehicles and apply it toward vehicle design and development; new contextual services such as car share, ride share, and full-service lease; and new corporate and consumer services such as proactive vehicle maintenance notifications and driving behavior-based insurance. See how Toyota uses Amazon Kinesis Data Streams to ingest data, AWS Lambda to decode the data, Amazon EMR to aggregate and decrypt the data, and Amazon Athena for analytics.


Mahadevan Krishnan, Principal Architect at Toyota Connected

Sandeep Kulkarni, Chief Architect at Amazon Web Services

AWS On Air: Live Sessions

Voice of the Customer: How AWS and Sibros enable the connected vehicle ecosystem

In this 15 minute live session, Sibros will share how they are managing the complexity of millions of connected vehicles at scale, and you can learn how AWS and Sibros are enabling the connected vehicle ecosystem. Live Air Time: 12/9 at 11:20 -11:35PST


Xiaojian Huang, VP of Software at Sibros

Industry Live: Automotive 2020 Year in Review

Join AWS’ Dean Phillips as he recaps top automotive trends from 2020. In this 30 minute session, we will highlight key partnerships, announcements, and how AWS has addressed gaps in the automotive industry with end-to-end architecture. Live Air Time: 12/10 at 2:30-3:00 PST


Dean Phillips, Worldwide Tech Leader for Automotive at Amazon Web Services

Please check out Automotive related content happening across re:Invent 2020!

Builders Fair: Connected Vehicle Repair
A complete connected digital solution that automates the process of scheduling a vehicle service appointment and warranty claim when a vehicle malfunction/fault is detected, then uses the data collected from the vehicle to drive an augmented reality / mixed media experience to assist the service technician complete the vehicle repair that allows the service technician to use a mix of computer graphics, video, audio, and voice interactions to interact in real-time with a digital twin of the vehicle and integrates with supporting applications like dealer management systems.

ZCW208: Building a connected factory with Volkswagen
AWS and Volkswagen embarked on a multi-year collaboration to build the Digital Production Platform (DPP), enabling the transformation of the automotive company’s manufacturing and logistics processes. Using the breadth and depth of AWS’s portfolio of services, including AWS IoT, machine learning and analytics, Volkswagen has been able to unlock new insights and accelerate business value through new use cases and digital solutions.

CMP253-G:  How to architect a low cost 3D rendering solution using spot instances with Ferrari

In this session we will discuss technical and economic benefits of using AWS services for managing 3D rendering applications. Ferrari will discuss how they built an efficient 3D rendering service using latest generation GPU instances and dynamically assigning resources with Spot instances.*session in Italian with English subtitles

INO-251-G How Iveco created innovative voice-based services with AWS and Alexa

In this session we will talk about IVECO’s journey, not only from a technological point of view but also through an innovation perspective. Through the AWS Digital innovation program, Iveco has developed innovative services for truck drivers based on voice interfaces developed with Amazon Alexa. The session will also include a technological deep dive on the services and solutions that enabled this customer experience thanks to the support of the AWS professional services team. *session in Italian with English subtitles

ANT310: How BMW Group uses AWS serverless Analytics for a data-driven ecosystem
Data is the lifeblood fueling BMW Group’s digital transformation. It drives BMW’s personalized customer experiences, connected mobility solutions, and analytical insights. This session will walk through the journey of building BMW Group’s Cloud Data Hub. BMW Group’s Technical Lead Simon Kern will take a deep dive into how BMW Group is leveraging AWS’ serverless capabilities for delivering ETL on big data in a modularized, accessible, and repeatable fashion and provide insight into the next steps of the journey. The services used in BMW Group’s AWS architecture include AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon SageMaker, and more.

IOT201: Achieving efficiency in production with the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud
WS and Volkswagen embarked on a multi-year collaboration to build the Digital Production Platform (DPP) – the foundation to the Industrial Cloud (IC) and enabling the development of new digital solutions to increase plant efficiency and uptime, improve production flexibility, and increase vehicle quality for The Volkswagen Group. Learn how Volkswagen and their brands have been able to unlock new insights and accelerate business value through new use cases to identify part quality issues, remotely monitor key equipment metrics in real-time to reduce machine downtime, and improve visibility of materials movement.

ANT201: Data-Driven Vehicle Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (12/15/2020 at 3:15 -3:45 PM PST)
Learn how Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) built a platform using AWS Analytics to guide development based on data. VWN is gaining insights from terabytes of test vehicle measured data and is working on further product optimization based on customer usage and data collected from its test fleet. Learn how VWN set up a scalable, serverless data processing pipeline to harvest insights from raw vehicle sensor data using Amazon S3, Amazon OpenSearch Service (September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service), AWS Glue, and more, and built a data processing application and API using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) as a foundation for their analytical needs.

Note: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service.

Please join us in January 2021 for even more re:Invent automotive content!

IOT308: Accelerating the future of connected vehicles on AWS – 1/13/21 at 8:45 PST
The Automotive industry is going through a major transformation as customers are building the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles. Learn how you can accelerate time to market for different mobility use cases such as fleet provisioning, anomaly detection and others using the AWS Connected Mobility Solution. Co-presented by Denso, we will present the reference architecture, from the edge to cloud, discuss the modular and customizable nature of this solution, and show how customers are solving real world problems using this solution as a foundation.

ENT311: SAP Smart Factory: Inside VW’s Digital Production Platform – 1/13/21 at 12:30 PSt
To meet their goal of improving manufacturing and logistics performance over the next 5 years, VW created a cloud-native solution that integrates their back-office processes on SAP with their smart factories across multiple plants. In this session, we will look at how they have implemented this solution and new capabilities gained, including automated stocking that leverages a “call rocker” IoT device, improved scalability through an infrastructure-as-code-approach, and using AWS Lambda in conjunction with SAP tooling.

ADM304: Building the Post-Cookie Identity Graph for Marketing – 1/14/21 at 2:45 PST
The future of identity and personalized experience starts with a unified view of the customer. In this deep-dive session for technical leaders, data engineers, and teams focused on identity, you’ll see a production example of how Cox Automotive combined data from millions of car shoppers across 40,000 auto dealers and brands to create an identity graph with Amazon Neptune. You’ll learn how to bring together customer datasets, anonymized web events, ad data, purchase logs, and other data and take away best practices on modeling graph data, querying with Gremlin, avoiding graph pitfalls, right-sizing compute instances, and achieving cost-efficiency at scale.

MFG303: Rivian pushes the pace of Automotive innovation with AWS – 1/14/21 at 8:15 PST
Rivian is one of America’s most recognizable electric autonomous vehicle manufacturers. As part of setting the pace for global automakers in sustainability and innovation, Rivian envisoned a digital thread to simplify IT operations and unlock innovation. Rivian reshaped their simulation and modeling R&D operations with AWS to decrease time to market. Join this session to learn how Rivian is using open source frameworks, the near limitless scale of AWS compute, and other next-generation AWS technologies to speed engineering and analyst innovation. Also learn how Rivian overcame obstacles and improved the engineering experience while encouraging self-service with cloud-based services and automation.

Julia McAndrew

Julia McAndrew

Julia serves as a Senior Marketing Manager for Automotive at Amazon Web Services. She has 12+ years of automotive industry experience with a key focus on marketing and advertising strategy. Julia holds a BS in Marketing from Tulane University, and her passion is building partnerships and developing unique and innovative ways to match customer needs.