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Salesforce innovates its CRM offerings and accelerates global growth by building on AWS

Salesforce, Inc. (Salesforce), a leading customer relationship management (CRM) company, chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its primary cloud provider in 2016. Today, Salesforce and AWS have a global strategic partnership focused on technical alignment and joint development. Building on AWS storage, compute, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, Salesforce innovates and deploys new business applications, such as virtual call centers that empower high-velocity sales teams with Amazon Connect and AWS AI and machine learning (ML) services. Its customers can leverage the cloud and extend their CRM capabilities by securely connecting data and workflows across Salesforce and AWS.

“With AWS, we can spin up new regions and data centers in weeks—not months or years.”

Muralidhar Krishnaprasad, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Salesforce

Find out how Salesforce builds on AWS to help its customers mine deep data insights at scale to optimize their business results. And learn how AWS solutions help Salesforce expand its global footprint—while complying with data residency and data sovereignty rules. Below are some highlights from Salesforce’s cloud journey:

Salesforce uses AWS to run Salesforce CDP

Muralidhar Krishnaprasad, Salesforce EVP of Engineering, describes how the company creates a single source of truth for customer data in the company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), utilizing AWS services like Amazon EMR, Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and AWS DataSync to provide marketers with a detailed view of their consumers and improve business outcomes. Watch the AWS Summit San Francisco 2022 keynote to learn more.

Salesforce accommodates data residency and deploys Hyperforce in 9 new countries on AWS

Salesforce launched Hyperforce on AWS, a new infrastructure architecture that allows Salesforce to scale rapidly and securely using cloud partners like AWS. Working with AWS, Salesforce was able to establish a presence in more countries and quickly accommodate data residency and data sovereignty regulations. Watch this video with Ken D’Amico, SVP of Engineering at Salesforce, to learn more.

Salesforce saves on infrastructure costs, stores and processes exabytes of data in a data lake, and creates billions of 360-degree customer profiles using AWS. Get more insights on how Salesforce continues to innovate by building on AWS by visiting the Salesforce Innovator page.

Petra Lewis

Petra Lewis

Petra E. Lewis is a content specialist for the Global Customer References Program (GCRP)'s Storytelling group at AWS. She is a seasoned marketing communications professional who worked in financial services prior to entering tech. Her last financial services role was vice president and head of Internal Communications for a top-10 global investment bank.