AWS for Industries

See how Coca-Cola uses the compute power of AWS to innovate consumer beverage experiences at scale

After 20 years of operating its own on-premises data centers, Coca-Cola migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2013. Earlier that year, the company’s Super Bowl commercial generated a spike in website traffic that overwhelmed its servers, catalyzing Coca-Cola’s decision to move to the cloud. Since its migration, Coca-Cola has reduced its operational costs by 40 percent and IT ticket volume by 80 percent. In addition, many individual bottlers in the company’s global network of distributors, such as Coca-Cola Andina and Coca-Cola İçecek, are accelerating digital transformation.

“It’s amazing how fast we launched Mobile Pour using AWS and how it checked all the boxes. It’s great for our consumers, our customers, and our system. It positioned us as an innovative company offering solutions.”

Eric Lewis, Group Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Freestyle

Learn how Coca-Cola builds on AWS to drive innovation at scale.  Here’s a highlight of Coca-Cola’s AWS stories:

Coca-Cola Freestyle Marketing uses AWS to drive value with touchless pouring for custom drinks

Coca-Cola Freestyle used AWS to deploy a solution that enables touchless beverage pouring, improving the Freestyle experience and driving marketing outcomes to both customers and consumers. Built on AWS in just 100 days, Mobile Pour lets consumers choose and pour drinks from the machines in seconds using their phones. To deliver a nearly instantaneous user experience, the Freestyle team built a backend on AWS Lambda, which provides serverless compute, and Amazon API Gateway, a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, maintain, and secure APIs at any scale. Learn more in the Coca-Cola Freestyle Marketing case study.

Coca-Cola Andina builds data lake on AWS, increases analytics productivity by 80% for more data-driven decision-making

Coca-Cola Andina promotes the profitable growth of its business, supports customers, and delivers the best possible experience to more than 54 million consumers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. It created world-class processes to increase productivity and quality of service, including the development of a data lake on AWS. By adopting storage, database, compute, and analytics solutions from AWS, Coca-Cola Andina boosted the productivity of its analytics team by 80 percent, facilitating more data-driven decisions to maintain its competitive advantage and increase company revenue. Learn more in the Coca-Cola Andina case study.

In 2020, when the pandemic reshaped consumer behavior, Coca-Cola used AWS serverless technologies to develop a low-latency, touchless user experience for its Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage-dispensing platform in only 150 days. That advancement—and accelerated timeline—exemplifies how Coca-Cola continues to innovate on AWS.