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Reducing device downtime using actionable intelligence on AWS

Reducing device downtime using actionable intelligence on AWS

Blog guest authored by Michael Petrillo of Becton, Dickinson, and Company (BD) Overview of Solution There’s never a good time to take an in-service device offline, especially when healthcare practitioners depend on the device to deliver care to patients. Yet, to keep customer devices operating at optimized throughput, performing maintenance is essential and often requires […]

Whitepaper: Navigating Regulatory and Compliance Requirements for HCLS on AWS

Whitepaper: Navigating Regulatory and Compliance Requirements for HCLS on AWS

For customers, and partners, it can be a struggle to understand the complexities of regulatory and compliance requirements. To understand what Amazon Web Services (AWS) is doing to support these requirements in the cloud, there is a new whitepaper that can be a great starting point for your cloud compliance journey. Navigating Regulatory and Compliance […]

Improving Patient Engagement in clinical trials using voice and chat with AWS

Life sciences companies are rethinking patient engagement and legacy workflow processes in clinical trials due to low enrollment numbers and concerns around data quality. Voice and Chatbot solutions like Alexa and Amazon Lex, a fully managed conversational artificial intelligence (AI) service, can improve patient experience and increase patient engagement. An estimated 48% of clinical trials […]

Using Structural Variant Analysis on AWS with Amazon FSx for Lustre in Novel Therapeutic Discovery

Using Structural Variant Analysis on AWS with Amazon FSx for Lustre in Novel Therapeutic Discovery

This post is coauthored by Adam Tebbe (VP of Computational Data Science and Technology), Eva Fast (Senior Computational Biologist), Sarthak Vilas Patel (Senior Data Engineer) from Goldfinch Bio, Inc. and Henrique Silva (Machine Learning Lead) from AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Loka. Goldfinch Bio is an early-stage biotechnology company, who is working towards developing novel, genetically-validated […]

Hummingbird – a tool for effective prediction of performance and costs of genomics workloads on AWS

Blog guest authored by Utsab Ray, Amir Alavi, Amit Dixit, Vandhana Krishnan, and Amir Bahmani from Stanford University. Genomics researchers often face challenges in accurately estimating the compute and memory resources required for their workloads as they work to migrate their data processing to the cloud. AWS cloud computing infrastructure offers scalable and cost-effective solutions […]

An AI-driven dashboard for life sciences laboratories

In this post, we present how scientific researchers can implement AI-driven solutions that improve day-to-day lab productivity and accelerate scientific discovery. We discuss some of the scientific and data challenges to this space as a whole and how AWS solutions can be the foundation for greater automation and central data governance across life science enterprises. […]

Transforming site monitoring in clinical trials

Clinical trial monitoring is an integral part of running a successful and compliant clinical trial. Currently the site monitoring process is manual, costly, and subject to data quality issues. This post discusses how various aspects of site monitoring can be automated to optimize cost and increase quality. About 25% to 30% of the total cost […]

The Year of the Patient: Healthcare & Life Sciences 2021 Year in Review

For some, 2021 was definitely a year to forget and for others it was filled with moments to remember. COVID-19 impacted every aspect of life, but for health organizations, like hospitals, life sciences companies, and genomics research organizations, 2021 was a year of monumental change, and that change centered around the patient. With a shared […]

re:Invent Top 10 Announcements for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are reinventing how they collaborate, make data driven clinical and operational decisions, enable precision medicine, and decrease the cost of care. AWS for Health, a curated offering of AWS services and AWS Partner Network solutions designed for healthcare and life sciences customers, provides proven and easily accessible capabilities that help […]

How Vertex Pharmaceuticals reduced time and cost of small molecule drug discovery using Thompson Sampling on AWS

This post was co-written with Roberto Iturralde, Sr. Director of Engineering, and Rajarshi Guha, Director of Data and Computational Sciences at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Vertex is a global biotechnology company that invests in scientific innovation to create transformative medicines for people with serious diseases. In this blog post, we’ll show how Vertex Pharmaceuticals designed a highly […]