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Hosting YOLOv8 PyTorch models on Amazon SageMaker Endpoints

Deploying models at scale can be a cumbersome task for many data scientists and machine learning engineers. However, Amazon SageMaker endpoints provide a simple solution for deploying and scaling your machine learning (ML) model inferences. Our last blog post and GitHub repo on hosting a YOLOv5 TensorFlowModel on Amazon SageMaker Endpoints sparked a lot of interest […]

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Scale YOLOv5 inference with Amazon SageMaker endpoints and AWS Lambda

After data scientists carefully come up with a satisfying machine learning (ML) model, the model must be deployed to be easily accessible for inference by other members of the organization. However, deploying models at scale with optimized cost and compute efficiencies can be a daunting and cumbersome task. Amazon SageMaker endpoints provide an easily scalable […]

Training a custom single class object detection model with Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels

Customers often need to analyze their images to find objects that are unique to their business needs. In many cases, this may be a single object, like identifying the company’s logo, finding a particular industrial or agricultural defect, or locating a specific event like a hurricane in satellite scans. In this post, we showcase how […]