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Accelerating large-scale neural network training on CPUs with ThirdAI and AWS Graviton

This guest post is written by Vihan Lakshman, Tharun Medini, and Anshumali Shrivastava from ThirdAI. Large-scale deep learning has recently produced revolutionary advances in a vast array of fields. Although this stunning progress in artificial intelligence remains remarkable, the financial costs and energy consumption required to train these models has emerged as a critical bottleneck […]

Techniques and approaches for monitoring large language models on AWS

Large Language Models (LLMs) have revolutionized the field of natural language processing (NLP), improving tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and sentiment analysis. However, as these models continue to grow in size and complexity, monitoring their performance and behavior has become increasingly challenging. Monitoring the performance and behavior of LLMs is a critical task […]

Enhance Amazon Connect and Lex with generative AI capabilities

Effective self-service options are becoming increasingly critical for contact centers, but implementing them well presents unique challenges. Amazon Lex provides your Amazon Connect contact center with chatbot functionalities such as automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities through voice and text channels. The bot takes natural language speech or text input, recognizes […]

Automate PDF pre-labeling for Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend is a natural-language processing (NLP) service that provides pre-trained and custom APIs to derive insights from textual data. Amazon Comprehend customers can train custom named entity recognition (NER) models to extract entities of interest, such as location, person name, and date, that are unique to their business. To train a custom model, you […]

How Getir reduced model training durations by 90% with Amazon SageMaker and AWS Batch

This is a guest post co-authored by Nafi Ahmet Turgut, Hasan Burak Yel, and Damla Şentürk from Getir. Established in 2015, Getir has positioned itself as the trailblazer in the sphere of ultrafast grocery delivery. This innovative tech company has revolutionized the last-mile delivery segment with its compelling offering of “groceries in minutes.” With a […]

Introducing three new NVIDIA GPU-based Amazon EC2 instances

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) accelerated computing portfolio offers the broadest choice of accelerators to power your artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), graphics, and high performance computing (HPC) workloads. We are excited to announce the expansion of this portfolio with three new instances featuring the latest NVIDIA GPUs: Amazon EC2 P5e instances powered […]

Amazon EC2 DL2q instance for cost-efficient, high-performance AI inference is now generally available

This is a guest post by A.K Roy from Qualcomm AI. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) DL2q instances, powered by Qualcomm AI 100 Standard accelerators, can be used to cost-efficiently deploy deep learning (DL) workloads in the cloud. They can also be used to develop and validate performance and accuracy of DL workloads that […]

Implement real-time personalized recommendations using Amazon Personalize

February 9, 2024: Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose has been renamed to Amazon Data Firehose. Read the AWS What’s New post to learn more. At a basic level, Machine Learning (ML) technology learns from data to make predictions. Businesses use their data with an ML-powered personalization service to elevate their customer experience. This approach allows businesses […]


Reinventing a cloud-native federated learning architecture on AWS

In this blog, you will learn to build a cloud-native FL architecture on AWS. By using infrastructure as code (IaC) tools on AWS, you can deploy FL architectures with ease. Also, a cloud-native architecture takes full advantage of a variety of AWS services with proven security and operational excellence, thereby simplifying the development of FL.

Simplify access to internal information using Retrieval Augmented Generation and LangChain Agents

This post takes you through the most common challenges that customers face when searching internal documents, and gives you concrete guidance on how AWS services can be used to create a generative AI conversational bot that makes internal information more useful. Unstructured data accounts for 80% of all the data found within organizations, consisting of […]