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Accelerate deep learning training and simplify orchestration with AWS Trainium and AWS Batch

In large language model (LLM) training, effective orchestration and compute resource management poses a significant challenge. Automation of resource provisioning, scaling, and workflow management is vital for optimizing resource usage and streamlining complex workflows, thereby achieving efficient deep learning training processes. Simplified orchestration enables researchers and practitioners to focus more on model experimentation, hyperparameter tuning, […]

Get started quickly with AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia using AWS Neuron DLAMI and AWS Neuron DLC

Starting with the AWS Neuron 2.18 release, you can now launch Neuron DLAMIs (AWS Deep Learning AMIs) and Neuron DLCs (AWS Deep Learning Containers) with the latest released Neuron packages on the same day as the Neuron SDK release. When a Neuron SDK is released, you’ll now be notified of the support for Neuron DLAMIs […]

End-to-end LLM training on instance clusters with over 100 nodes using AWS Trainium

In this post, we show you how to accelerate the full pre-training of LLM models by scaling up to 128 trn1.32xlarge nodes, using a Llama 2-7B model as an example. We share best practices for training LLMs on AWS Trainium, scaling the training on a cluster with over 100 nodes, improving efficiency of recovery from system and hardware failures, improving training stability, and achieving convergence.

AWS Inferentia and AWS Trainium deliver lowest cost to deploy Llama 3 models in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Meta Llama 3 inference on AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia based instances in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. The Meta Llama 3 models are a collection of pre-trained and fine-tuned generative text models. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Trn1 and Inf2 instances, powered by AWS Trainium and AWS […]

Simple guide to training Llama 2 with AWS Trainium on Amazon SageMaker

Large language models (LLMs) are making a significant impact in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Their impressive generative abilities have led to widespread adoption across various sectors and use cases, including content generation, sentiment analysis, chatbot development, and virtual assistant technology. Llama2 by Meta is an example of an LLM offered by AWS. Llama […]

Develop and train large models cost-efficiently with Metaflow and AWS Trainium

This is a guest post co-authored with Ville Tuulos (Co-founder and CEO) and Eddie Mattia (Data Scientist) of Outerbounds. To build a production-grade AI system today (for example, to do multilingual sentiment analysis of customer support conversations), what are the primary technical challenges? Historically, natural language processing (NLP) would be a primary research and development […]

Revolutionizing large language model training with Arcee and AWS Trainium

This is a guest post by Mark McQuade, Malikeh Ehghaghi, and Shamane Siri from Arcee. In recent years, large language models (LLMs) have gained attention for their effectiveness, leading various industries to adapt general LLMs to their data for improved results, making efficient training and hardware availability crucial. At Arcee, we focus primarily on enhancing […]

Open source observability for AWS Inferentia nodes within Amazon EKS clusters

This post walks you through the Open Source Observability pattern for AWS Inferentia, which shows you how to monitor the performance of ML chips, used in an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) cluster, with data plane nodes based on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances of type Inf1 and Inf2.