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Develop and train large models cost-efficiently with Metaflow and AWS Trainium

This is a guest post co-authored with Ville Tuulos (Co-founder and CEO) and Eddie Mattia (Data Scientist) of Outerbounds. To build a production-grade AI system today (for example, to do multilingual sentiment analysis of customer support conversations), what are the primary technical challenges? Historically, natural language processing (NLP) would be a primary research and development […]

Achieve DevOps maturity with BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise and Amazon Bedrock

This blog post discusses how BMC Software added AWS Generative AI capabilities to its product BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise. The zAdviser uses Amazon Bedrock to provide summarization, analysis, and recommendations for improvement based on the DORA metrics data.

Automatically redact PII for machine learning using Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler

Customers increasingly want to use deep learning approaches such as large language models (LLMs) to automate the extraction of data and insights. For many industries, data that is useful for machine learning (ML) may contain personally identifiable information (PII). To ensure customer privacy and maintain regulatory compliance while training, fine-tuning, and using deep learning models, […]

Implement smart document search index with Amazon Textract and Amazon OpenSearch

In this post, we’ll take you on a journey to rapidly build and deploy a document search indexing solution that helps your organization to better harness and extract insights from documents. Whether you’re in Human Resources looking for specific clauses in employee contracts, or a financial analyst sifting through a mountain of invoices to extract payment data, this solution is tailored to empower you to access the information you need with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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Deploy and manage machine learning pipelines with Terraform using Amazon SageMaker

AWS customers are relying on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to design, develop, and manage their cloud infrastructure. IaC ensures that customer infrastructure and services are consistent, scalable, and reproducible, while being able to follow best practices in the area of development operations (DevOps). One possible approach to manage AWS infrastructure and services with IaC is […]