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Achieve DevOps maturity with BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise and Amazon Bedrock

This blog post discusses how BMC Software added AWS Generative AI capabilities to its product BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise. The zAdviser uses Amazon Bedrock to provide summarization, analysis, and recommendations for improvement based on the DORA metrics data.

Event Driven MLOps architecture with SageMaker

Modernizing data science lifecycle management with AWS and Wipro

This post was written in collaboration with Bhajandeep Singh and Ajay Vishwakarma from Wipro’s AWS AI/ML Practice. Many organizations have been using a combination of on-premises and open source data science solutions to create and manage machine learning (ML) models. Data science and DevOps teams may face challenges managing these isolated tool stacks and systems. […]

Amazon DevOps Guru is powered by pre-trained ML models that encode operational excellence

On December 1, 2020, we announced the preview of Amazon DevOps Guru, a machine learning (ML)-powered service that gives operators of cloud-based applications a simpler way to measure and improve an application’s operational performance and availability to reduce expensive downtime. Amazon DevOps Guru is a turn-key solution that helps operators by automatically ingesting operational data […]

Delivering operational insights directly to your on-call team by integrating Amazon DevOps Guru with Atlassian Opsgenie

As organizations continue to adopt microservices, the number of disparate services that contribute to delivering applications increases, driving the scope of signals that on-call teams monitor to grow exponentially. It’s becoming more important than ever for these teams to have tools that can quickly and autonomously detect anomalous behaviors across the services they support. Amazon […]