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AWS Speaks at HITS Spring on How M&E Companies Can Benefit From Machine Learning

Usman Shakeel, AWS Media & Entertainment Global Tech Lead, recently spoke at MESA HITS Spring on the topic of how media and entertainment companies stand to benefit from the use of machine learning. Click the link below link to learn more about the session. LINK: HITS Spring: M&E Companies Can Significantly Benefit from Machine Learning […]

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Presentations from the AWS NYC Media & Entertainment Symposium

If you were unable to join our M&E Symposium on May 15, 2018 in NYC, fear not! Recordings from the presentations and slide decks are now available for viewing: Welcome: State of Media Today and What’s New From AWS Ben Masek – AWS M&E Worldwide BD Lead Usman Shakeel – AWS M&E Worldwide Tech Lead Click […]

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Utilizing Dynamic Licensing in Thinkbox Deadline (Version Deadline 10 or later)

Guest post by Ryan Russell, Manager, Software Development, AWS Thinkbox  INTRODUCTION Prior to Thinkbox Deadline 10, a render node could be configured to use either Usage Based Licensing (UBL) or traditional floating licenses. While this gave you full control over how your render nodes were licensed, it wasn’t exactly the most flexible system when you […]

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Choosing the Right Amazon EC2 Instance Types for Rendering with Thinkbox Deadline (Part 2)

Guest post by Cody Edwards, Software Development Engineer, AWS Thinkbox Previously, I published a post detailing the differences between the Amazon EC2 instance types available on AWS. This time, I’m not going to focus on the differences between the instance types. Instead, I focus on how to pick the right instance type for you. One […]

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Choosing the right Amazon EC2 instance types for rendering with Thinkbox Deadline (Part 1)

Guest post by Cody Edwards, Software Development Engineer, AWS Thinkbox Thinkbox Deadline 10 introduced the AWS Portal Panel, which helps you scale up your render farm with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. You can get started with AWS Portal by following the instructions at AWS Portal Setup. After you’ve launched your infrastructure, you’re ready to start […]

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APN Blog: Using the New G3 Instance to Playout an IP-Based Ultra High Definition Channel on AWS

AWS Partner Cinegy has long been an advocate of IP-based video workflows and understands that maintaining visual quality whilst reducing bandwidth consumption is an ongoing challenge with the increasing data requirements of formats such as Ultra High Definition (UHD). In this post, Cinegy demonstrates how to deploy a fully-functional playout engine using Amazon EC2 resources […]

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Transforming the Video Experience with AI: Granular Personalization at Scale

When consumers browse content in any video service, the program artwork is a large factor in what they choose to watch. There are a few generalizations we can make when it comes to generating appealing artwork. For example, according to research done by Netflix, images that have expressive facial emotion conveying the tone of the […]

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Tech Talk now on demand: Media Processing Workflows at High Velocity & Scale using Orchestration & Machine Learning

If you missed our webinar on March 28, no need to worry. The recording is now available on YouTube with the slides available for download (see below). Abstract: Content owners, creators and publishers use media supply chains to package and process digital video content and programming from content producers so it can then be delivered […]

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Scripps Networks Interactive goes full cloud with Thinkbox Deadline and AWS

Scripps Networks Interactive (recently acquired by Discovery, Inc.) is the leading developer of lifestyle content across TV, digital, and emerging platforms. With brands including HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel under the Scripps umbrella, it collectively engages more than 190 million consumers each month. Based in Knoxville, TN, the company’s Design and […]

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