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AWS Elemental Link powers Sherpa Digital’s virtual events

AWS Elemental Link powers Sherpa Digital’s remote production of live enterprise events.

Sherpa Digital is a virtual events platform that powers the live video and virtual events. With live video as the core of the virtual event experience, production quality video is paramount but not easy to achieve. Networks are often congested and unpredictable, and having technical expertise onsite to set up and debug hardware is often not an option.

With AWS Elemental Link, Sherpa found a solution that could be sent anywhere, supported the wide range of video formats encountered in the field, and required no onsite configuration. Simply plug Link in and it’s ready go. Link uses HEVC encoding ensures high quality per bit and a network-aware adaptive bitrate algorithm to adjust in real time to changes in network conditions by varying the bitrate of the encoded video. Even in the most challenging networks that Sherpa encounters, Link’s video is smooth and crisp, which helps engage audiences and delights their customers.

Watch the following video to learn how Sherpa uses AWS Elemental Link and AWS Media Services to power their virtual events.

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