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Case Study: Discovery cuts playout cost by 61% and accelerates growth and innovation on AWS

Discovery, a global media company that delivers more than 8,000 hours of original programming in nearly 50 languages to 220 countries and territories each year, needed to innovate its playout system infrastructure. The cost and time required to upkeep the company’s on-premises software made it difficult to grow and innovate.

Discovery reduced its on-premises server footprint from 130 racks to 10, cut costs by 61 percent, and increased staff productivity 13 times on AWS. Read the full case study to learn how using Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and AWS Direct Connect, Discovery cut the time to launch new services by 50 percent and decreased interruption by 97 percent. It now deploys automated upgrades with no disruption to customers, ultimately improving service while saving on computing cost and time.

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