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Analyzing media files using ffprobe in AWS Lambda

Description Managing an ever-changing movie library can be difficult, and many assets can be added in a very short period of time. When dealing with a large number of video assets, it is very efficient to use a NoSQL database that provides centralized access to asset details like title, location, and metadata. Amazon DynamoDB—a fully […]

Automate broadcast video monitoring using machine learning on AWS  

Monitoring service providers for broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) livestreams perform a large number of quality checks. These range from low-level signal errors to high-level issues like content errors. Traditional live media analyzer software focus on quality checks at the signal level, such as the ETSI TR 101 290 Priority 1 and 2 checks. Higher-level quality checks, such as […]

Creating a secure video-on-demand (VOD) platform using AWS

Video has become the primary means of Information sharing and learning. Customers are investing in innovative solutions to tap into the e-learning and video space. Video content is their IP and needs to be protected and securely delivered. Online video is a powerful technology that every industry, from businesses to educational institutions to government agencies, is […]