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Video on demand ad insertion with AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Monetizing your HLS Video On Demand (VOD) assets couldn’t be easier using AWS Elemental MediaTailor. MediaTailor simply needs access to your HLS media asset, and an Ad Decision Server (ADS).
Try it for yourself by following this tutorial we’ve made available via GitHub
The tutorial will walk you through creating an AWS Elemental MediaTailor configuration using HLS VOD content hosted on Amazon S3, and an ADS in the form of a sample Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP) response hosted and made publicly available by Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers. By using VMAP, our media asset need not have ad markers, as the protocol defines the ad breaks and their timings.

Want to learn more about AWS Elemental MediaTailor and VOD content ad behavior? Visit the MediaTailor documentation pages.
Information on the VMAP protocol can be found on the IAB website.