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Your Call Football delivers real time, interactive sports experience with Mission and AWS

Your Call Football offers a wholly unique football experience where fans get to call plays in real time, then see them run on the field by real players.

Given the inherent nature of the application, Your Call Football needed an infrastructure that could handle bursts of traffic from 100,000 concurrent users during the three hours each week when games are played, while seeing relatively little concentrated traffic at other times. Additionally, everyone playing the game votes during the exact same 10-second window. Each burst of online activity would be followed by the live action on the field. Once the play is run, the entire cycle is repeated (up to 100 times per game). Any lag, delay in service, or timed-out request could result in a fan’s vote not getting counted – and potentially missing out on prize money.

Your Call Football chose Mission, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner, in order to implement this infrastructure. With Your Call Football needing to ensure a smooth, real-time, and instantaneous user experience during large traffic spikes, Mission teamed up AWS and Kubernetes.

You can read the full case study at the Mission site.

For an in-depth look at the solution deployed by Mission, check out this post from Kiril Dubrovsky, Senior Solutions Architect at Mission, on the APN blog and watch the video below: