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How managed service providers can use AWS Control Tower to provide services

How managed service providers can use AWS Control Tower to provide services

AWS Control Tower is a managed AWS service that automates the creation of a multi-account AWS environment based upon the AWS Well-Architected Framework. It builds the environment using AWS best practices for security and management services. In this blog post, we’ll show how a managed service provider can use AWS Control Tower and AWS Service […]

Integrate across the Three Lines Model (Part 1): Build a custom automation of AWS Audit Manager with AWS Security Hub

The Three Lines Model developed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) helps organizations identify structures and processes to facilitate strong governance and risk management. In that model, the first-line function manages risk, the second-line function oversees risk and the third-line function provides objective and independent assurance of risk management. According to a Deloitte analysis […]

Cost optimization with SQL BYOL using license included Windows instance on Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts

Cost optimization with SQL BYOL using license included Windows instance on Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts

Do you want to bring your eligible SQL Server licenses to use on AWS? Do you have SQL Server licenses but not accompanying Windows Server licenses? Are you worried that you do not have Software Assurance for SQL Server? You can now run license included Windows Server instances on Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts, which makes […]

Diagnose and remediate AWS Security Hub findings with AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter and Explorer

In this post, we will show you how to configure AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter to aggregate security findings from AWS Security Hub into OpsCenter as operational issues. OpsCenter helps operations engineers and IT professionals reduce issue resolution time by providing a central place to view, investigate, and resolve security issues.  AWS Systems Manager Explorer provides […]


Target a group of Amazon EC2 On-Demand Capacity Reservations

On-Demand Capacity Reservations enable you to reserve capacity for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(Amazon EC2) instances in an Availability Zone for any duration. You can use AWS Resource Groups to organize AWS resources into logical collections of applications, projects or environments. Last year, we introduced the ability to target EC2 capacity reservations in a resource group by using […]

Using AWS CodePipeline to deploy AWS Config conformance packs created with the Rule Development Kit

As consultants, we often help customers manage AWS services using infrastructure as code (IaC). We follow DevOps practices for building, versioning, testing, and deploying services. We also use AWS Config custom and managed rules to evaluate the configuration settings of AWS resources. AWS Config continuously tracks the configuration changes that occur among AWS resources and […]

Using delegated admin for AWS Config operations and aggregation - AWS management and Governance blog

Using delegated admin for AWS Config operations and aggregation

You can use AWS Organizations to centrally manage and govern multiple accounts within your AWS organization. The service includes a management account, which has permissions to create accounts and manage and govern underlying infrastructure. The management account has wide permissions and access to accounts within the organization, so it should only be used for absolutely […]

Self-service VPCs in AWS Control Tower using AWS Service Catalog

One of the first tasks my customers do when creating a new AWS account is to create the right network integration for their enterprise. Typically, this means implementing an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) across a multi-account framework that was provisioned with AWS Control Tower. When these are provisioned in a self-service model, we see […]

Cost Optimization with nOps and CloudTrail

Cost optimization with nOps and CloudTrail

This post is co-authored by JT Giri, CEO and Founder at nOps, and Tomo Sakatoku, Principal Partner Solutions Architect at AWS Cost optimization is always critical to everyone. Customers make lots of effort to make sure their AWS Platform operates cost-effectively. AWS provides tools to help customers optimize and visualize costs. AWS Cost Explorer provides […]