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Image with a blue background with the following text Accelerate VMware Migrations to AWS using AWS Migration Hub Journeys

Accelerate VMware Migrations to AWS using AWS Migration Hub Journeys

In January 2024, we introduced Migration Hub Journeys to guide and accelerate the migration and modernization of applications. Journeys help optimize planning, execution, and tracking through task-based templates with expert guidance, specialized tools, and cross-team collaboration, enabling you to migrate and modernize applications seamlessly. Today, we’re excited to publish new migration journey templates for AWS […]

Featured Image: Create a data-driven Migration Business Case using AWS Cloud Value Framework

Create a data-driven Migration Business Case using AWS Cloud Value Framework

AWS customers realize more than a 5:1 ratio of benefits to investment costs over five years with breakeven on their investment occurring in an average of 10 months (source: “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services”, an IDC whitepaper). This blog aims to help Information Technology (IT) teams calculate this value using the tools needed […]

How EverQuote Underwent a Serverless Transformation using AWS

This post is co-written with Conor Teer, Senior Software Engineer, at EverQuote, David Kelly, Principal Software Engineer at EverQuote, and Mark O’Connell, SVP of Engineering at EverQuote. EverQuote is a leading online insurance marketplace that helps protect life’s most important assets- family, property, and future by simplifying the experience of shopping for insurance, making it […]

From Planning to Execution – Harnessing AWS Migration Hub Journeys to Accelerate Migrations and Modernization

Cloud migrations and modernization are a lengthy, intricate, and continually evolving processes. Despite this, McKinsey studies indicate that customers are increasing cloud budgets and the number of applications that they plan to migrate. One of the primary complexities of migration and modernization projects are that collaboration with stakeholders can be cumbersome, relying on random ad-hoc […]

Custom Post-launch actions and Deployment scripting using AWS Systems Manager and Amazon CodeWhisperer

In Part 1 of this series, you learned about Blue/Green testing and deployment on AWS, a key strategy that increases application availability and reduces deployment risk by simplifying the rollback process if a deployment fails. We explored live replication using AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) and introduced prebuilt post-launch actions with AWS Systems Manager […]

Accelerating Blue/Green Deployments with AWS MGN Post-Launch Actions

Customers are becoming more aware of the benefits of migrating to AWS in a world increasingly pivoting towards cloud adoption. A recent whitepaper by IDC found that customers who migrate to AWS can experience a 51% reduction in the cost of operations, a 62% increase in IT staff productivity, and a 94% reduction in downtime. […]

Considerations for migrating workloads between AWS Regions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a highly reliable, scalable, and low-cost cloud infrastructure platform in many Regions around the world. AWS has designed these Regions to be isolated from each other. This design enables applications to achieve a high level of fault tolerance and stability. Regions are further grouped into partitions such as aws, aws-gov, […]

Cost saving strategies for large enterprise cloud migrations

Introduction In today’s digital era, migrating to the cloud is no longer a question of “Why,” but rather “When.” Beyond infrastructure cost savings, cloud migration offers a multitude of benefits, including enhanced flexibility, agility, and reliability. However, while cloud migration presents a wealth of opportunities, it also comes with the potential for unplanned expenses that […]

Scaling GitHub usage with AWS

Introduction Customers that migrate on-premises enterprise applications to AWS often look for guidance on how to migrate GitHub to AWS. Customers find it challenging to scale as they are constrained by on premises GitHub infrastructure. Organisations that run Github on AWS can get up and running quickly. GitHub on AWS enables teams to collaborate efficiently […]

Unlocking the power: The keys to delivering successful Cloud Migrations

Despite the many benefits of moving to the Cloud, large enterprises frequently struggle to deliver migrations (and the related business transformation) in the planned timeframe. Why?  What are the key factors that ensure a successful migration that becomes an oft-quoted industry benchmark for a Cloud driven transformation; rather than a moribund initiative where a number […]