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Securing Elastic IP addresses from accidental release

Have you wondered what are the best practices in safeguarding your infrastructure from unintended release of Elastic IP addresses? In this blog, we are providing a few proactive self-service solutions to streamline IP handling and obtaining a robust environment for critical applications. Before diving into the solution, let us revisit some key concepts of AWS […]

Securely connect Amazon Managed Grafana to data sources using AWS Transit Gateway and AWS PrivateLink

Securely connect Amazon Managed Grafana to data sources using AWS Transit Gateway and AWS PrivateLink

Introduction Modern businesses rely on data from diverse sources across multiple AWS accounts and regions to gain insights and make critical business decisions. By establishing secure private connections to these data sources metrics, logs, and traces can be visualized from a single pane of glass to enable an end-to-end observability solution. Some customers may have […]

Improve security by analyzing VPC flow logs with Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights

You can use rules in Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights to gain security visibility into your VPC flow logs. The rules analyze flow logs in targeted groups in Amazon CloudWatch Logs and display the Top-N contributors for a given log field or combination of log fields. In this post, I’ll show you how to set up CloudWatch Contributor Insight rules for VPC flow logs. I’ll demonstrate how to:

Map the VPC flow log format to rules in Contributor Insights.
Explain how a single rule can be used to monitor many VPC flow logs.
Walk through some sample rules and show them in a CloudWatch dashboard.

Customizing account configuration with AWS Control Tower lifecycle events

Customizing account configuration with AWS Control Tower lifecycle events

In this blog post, we show how to customize the networking configuration in an AWS account. For example by deleting the default VPCs in all AWS Regions, using AWS Resource Access Manager to share the appropriate VPC subnets and using AWS Firewall Manager to apply security groups to VPCs in the account.

Amazon EC2 instance port forwarding with AWS Systems Manager

Port forwarding is a useful way to redirect network traffic from one IP address and port number combination to another. With port forwarding, you can access an EC2 instance located in a private subnet from your workstation. In this post, we walk through a use case where customers have a strict security requirement for their […]

Implementing Serverless Transit Network Orchestrator (STNO) in AWS Control Tower

Introduction Many of the customers that we have worked with are using advanced network architectures in AWS for multi-VPC and multi-account architectures. Placing workloads into separate Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) has several advantages, chief among them isolating sensitive workloads and allowing teams to innovate without fear of impacting other systems. Many companies are taking […]

How to setup and use AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate or Puppet Enterprise in an isolated subnet

Introduction For enhanced security, it’s often preferable to place resources in AWS within a subnet with no internet access. Recently, AWS expanded the number of services supported by interface VPC endpoints within the AWS ecosystem, so it’s now easier than ever to run AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate or AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise within […]