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A sneak peek at the Networking track sessions at AWS Summit Washington DC, 2023

The AWS Summit in Washington, DC, our event tailored to the interests of the public sector community, is fast approaching! This post highlights the Breakout, Chalk Talks, Builder’s session, and Workshop session that make up the Networking track to help you plan your agenda.

The event takes place in-person at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC on June 7-8, 2023. It is open to the public and free to all attendees, including government employees. We recommend that government employees always check with their ethics or compliance officer to ensure their attendance at our events is compliant with relevant laws, statutes, or rules.

At the event

The Networking track will showcase the services and tools you can use to build secure and scalable connectivity on AWS. We have planned our sessions around what we’ve heard from you, with a content on implementing Zero Trust, IPv6, and network security—plus introductions to some of our newest services like Amazon VPC Lattice.

As an attendee, you can choose between lecture-style breakout presentations, interactive chalk talks, small group builder’s sessions, and hands-on workshops. The full catalog preview is live here.

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are lecture-style sessions delivered by one or more speakers.

NET302: Build Zero Trust architectures on AWS

Zero Trust is an important way to improve US cybersecurity, as reinforced by US White House memorandum, Executive Order 14028. In this session, learn about architectural patterns based on the guiding principles for building Zero Trust on AWS. Explore how AWS Verified Access can help you implement secure access to corporate applications and set fine-grained access policies for your applications. In addition, learn how to enforce authentication and implement fine-grained authorization for your service-to-service communication using Amazon VPC Lattice.

Chalk Talk sessions

A highly interactive content format, Chalk Talks begin with a brief lecture (10-15 minutes) delivered by an AWS expert, followed by a 45–50-minute open format Q&A session. Chalk Talks foster a technical discussion of real-world architecture challenges.

NET201: Simplify service-to-service connectivity using Amazon VPC Lattice

Amazon VPC Lattice helps you connect your applications and services securely and simplify the way microservices communicate in a multi-account and multi-virtual private cloud (VPC) environment. Join this chalk talk to learn how Amazon VPC Lattice can help improve your security posture and support Zero Trust architectures with centralized access controls, authentication, and context-specific authorization. Explore various deployment methods for applying granular traffic controls and implementing advanced traffic management for blue-green deployments.

NET202: Build your IPv6-enabled network on AWS

U.S. federal agencies are transitioning to IPv6 as mandated by the Office of Management and Budget memo M-21-07. Join this chalk talk to learn how to design IPv6-based networks on AWS and establish IPv6 connectivity to your hybrid network. Discover the architecture patterns and constructs that make IPv6 adoption easier. In addition, learn about the AWS services that support IPv6, how to get started, common adoption approaches, interoperability patterns, and best practices.

NET301: Improve security using network segmentation and traffic inspection

Network segmentation provides an additional layer of security at the network layer by isolating sensitive network traffic from everyday data. In this chalk talk, learn how to segment your network traffic to AWS using AWS Direct Connect and AWS Site-to-Site VPN. Explore several network segmentation methods, design patterns, and best practices to meet your network separation requirement and improve your security posture. Further, learn about the architecture patterns that enable you to inspect and protect your inbound, outbound, and east–west traffic using AWS Network Firewall and third-party security appliances.

Builders’ sessions

These are small-group sessions led by an AWS expert who guides you as you build the service or product on your own laptop. Use your laptop to experiment and build along with the AWS expert.

NET203: Manage overlapping IP ranges successfully

Overlapping IP addresses occur when networks are using the same RFC 1918 address range to communicate. In this builders’ session, gain hands-on experience using services such as Amazon VPC, AWS PrivateLink, AWS Transit Gateway, and private NAT gateways to solve these problems and establish unidirectional or bidirectional connectivity depending upon how your applications communicate. You must bring your laptop to participate.

Workshop sessions

Workshops are interactive sessions where attendees work in small groups to build a solution to a problem using AWS. Workshops encourage interaction, and provide attendees with an opportunity to learn from and teach each other. Each workshop starts with a brief lecture (10-15 min) by the speaker, and additional AWS experts in the room offer personal assistance.

NET304: Building secure VPCs and integrating them into your network

In this workshop, learn about designing and building secure Amazon VPCs. Using an interactive approach, learn about (or refresh your knowledge of) Amazon VPC features like subnets, security groups, routing, and flow logs. Then integrate your Amazon VPC with AWS services such as AWS Transit Gateway, AWS PrivateLink, AWS Systems Manager, Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, AWS WAF, and more. Explore examples that follow best practices for Amazon VPC security, design, and management. You must bring your laptop to participate.

If any of the above sessions look interesting, consider joining us in Washington, DC by registering for AWS Summit Washington DC 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!


Rohit Aswani

Rohit is a Senior Specialist Solutions Architect focussed on Networking at AWS, where he helps customers build and design scalable, highly-available, secure, resilient and cost effective networks. He holds a MS in Telecommunication Systems Management from Northeastern University, specializing in Computer Networking. In his spare time, Rohit enjoys hiking, traveling and exploring new coffee places.