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Cloud 101 Challenge: Learn about the cloud in new gamified tutorial – now available in six languages

Updated February 3, 2021.

Developers, IT specialists, and decision makers working in government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations can learn about cloud computing by playing a new online gamified tutorial called the AWS Cloud Champion: Cloud 101 Challenge. The game, available in six languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) teaches participants cloud basics through a brief self-paced learning experience presented as a virtual showcase.

This game is another in the series of gamified tutorials released by Amazon Web Services (AWS), including the AWS Cloud Champion: Virtual Workplace Interactive Challenge.

How does AWS Cloud Champion Work?

The AWS Cloud Champion is a gamified tutorial that offers a virtual tradeshow experience, complete with kiosks and a virtual host, to guide users through a video learning experience. Users choose their preferred language, then after being greeted by the virtual host, they select their industry to begin the learning journey. The host guides users through a 360 degree, immersive three-dimensional (3D) experience to complete the assigned tasks at each of the five kiosks on the way to becoming an AWS Cloud Champion. Each kiosk takes about two to three minutes, and after visiting four of the kiosks, at the fifth, users will take a quiz to receive a certificate recognizing completion of the game.

The objective is to earn a thousand points by completing all five kiosks to become an “AWS Cloud Champion.” The first 100 participants who complete the game and request a certificate will also receive $25 in AWS Promotional Credit.

What do you learn?

The tutorial includes four kiosks covering solutions, case studies, demonstrations, and resources. Each of the four topics is tailored for the user’s specific industry.

What can you learn at each kiosk?

Solutions: What is cloud computing?

At this kiosk, learn what AWS is all about, what cloud computing consists of, and how it can deliver value for organizations through flexibility, cost savings, and improved time to market.

Case studies: Why use cloud computing?

At this kiosk, learn why organizations adopted cloud computing to further their mission. Hear from organizations such as Thorn, Comic Relief, NHS, Cambridge University Press, and Los Angeles County use the AWS Cloud to help boost productivity, save costs, and transform their IT.

Demonstrations: How cloud computing enables transformation?

Hear examples of how AWS services can help solve real problems. Learn about AWS DeepLens, the world’s first deep learning enabled video camera, Amazon Transcribe for transcribing audio into text, Amazon Translate for language translation, and Amazon Polly to turn text into audio speech and how these services could benefit your organization.

Resources: Who can help with cloud adoption?

Learn about AWS Partners who can help guide an organization through the cloud adoption process. AWS Partners have deep expertise in cloud computing and are uniquely suited to assist public sector organizations as they navigate their transition to the cloud. Also, learn how to acquire cloud computing skillsets through AWS training and certifications. AWS training and certifications can help jumpstart IT leads or their teams—and their respective careers—on a path to cloud competency.

Final Quiz: How much did you learn?

The experience concludes with a quiz containing a series of multiple choice questions, which tests how well the learners recall some the content presented during the experience.

Let’s play: Getting started

Play the AWS Cloud Champion: Cloud 101 Challenge to learn more. The tutorial runs on desktop computers only. A special device like a gaming console or 3D glasses to view or hear is not needed. So play now—share with others—and let us know your experience. Or contact us to learn more.

Louise Dwyer

Louise Dwyer

Louise Dwyer is a communication and event specialist based in the United Kingdom with 10 years of experience in FTSE 100 companies including experience in the travel industry and government organizations. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), Louise is an event manager focused on virtual learning solutions. Louise completed her graduated studies at Lancaster University Management School in the UK and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.