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AWS Educate Launches a Recognition and Reward Program For Leading Cloud Faculty

AWS Educate launched the AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program, a two-tiered offering to recognize leading educators around the world who use cloud and distributed computing in their classrooms. “Cloud and distributed computing” has been the #1 LinkedIn skill for the past four years in a row, and these leading educators are preparing students for careers in the modern technology workforce.

The AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program recognizes and rewards leading educators within AWS Educate. These select educators will receive an exclusive collection of benefits, including:

  • Incremental AWS Promotional Credits
  • Office hours with AWS solutions architects to receive technical advice
  • Early under-NDA access to select AWS features and services
  • Professional development opportunities at select AWS events
  • Discounted registration rate for AWS re:Invent
  • Physical and digital credentials to verify their participation
  • Quarterly AWS tech talks on in-demand AWS services such as AWS RoboMaker and AWS DeepLens.

Members commit to staying knowledgeable about the effective use of AWS Educate’s programs, features and services, and to sharing their knowledge and best practices with other educators.

The program consists of two tiers – the AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Council and AWS Educate Faculty Ambassadors.

The AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Council is invitation-only, bringing together a select group of leading global educators to provide input on the direction of AWS Educate and also inform AWS’s roadmap. AWS Educate Faculty Ambassadors will be chosen annually from among AWS Educate members through an application process, which launched today.

“We created the AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program to recognize and support educators from around the world who are breaking new ground and putting their students on the pathway to careers in the cloud workforce,” said Ken Eisner, Global Head of AWS Educate. “We’ve been inspired by the more than 10,000 educators in AWS Educate who have been innovating inside the classroom and speeding new curriculum into their institutions. While this community is growing organically, we wanted to add fuel to this movement through this new initiative.

Educators seeking to apply or learn more about the AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program can find more information here:

The application period starts today and ends on April 22, 2019.