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AWS Nonprofit Credit Program expands support for nonprofits of all sizes

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we believe in the power of technology to transform the world. Nonprofits around the world use cloud technology to improve operational efficiencies, optimize costs, and advance their missions. AWS is committed to making sure that nonprofits of all sizes can maintain access to the cloud technology they need to accelerate and expand mission impact.

Today, AWS launched new tiered support for the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program. The AWS Nonprofit Credit Program works with TechSoup to provide 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations such as charities, libraries, and museums across the globe with access to AWS Promotional Credit. Promotional credit enables organizations of all sizes to scale their operations, reduce costs, and deliver more impact on their mission and the communities they serve. With this update to the program, the value of promotional credit an organization can receive will be based on the size of their annual operations budgets.

“Our hope is that the additional AWS Promotional Credit support will empower nonprofits to actively explore and pursue opportunities for cloud experimentation and innovation,” explains Allyson Fryhoff, managing director of AWS Nonprofit and Nonprofit Health. “Cloud technology delivers operational efficiencies and cost optimization so that nonprofits can focus on enhancing their mission’s impact.”

Previously, AWS offered a single AWS Promotional Credit value for all eligible organizations. Now, a variety of credit values are accessible based on the size of the organization’s operational budgets:

  • Smaller nonprofit organizations can access $1,000 in AWS Promotional Credit annually.
  • Mid-sized nonprofit organizations can access $2,000 in AWS Promotional Credit annually.
  • Larger nonprofit organizations can access $5,000 in AWS Promotional Credit annually.

Accelerating impact with the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program

Since the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program launched in 2016, AWS has provided thousands of nonprofits around the world with computing credits and technical expertise. These organizations are implementing cloud technology solutions to deliver enhanced services, scaled support, and innovative solutions to those they serve. The following are some examples of the innovations nonprofits have developed with support from this program:

Amplifying citizen advocacy across Africa

ONE is a global movement to end extreme poverty and preventable disease by 2030. To help reach audiences across Africa, ONE launched a mobile chatbot built on AWS. This chatbot enables individuals to instantly learn more about ONE’s work, stay up-to-date with current advocacy campaigns, and find ways to take action locally and throughout Africa. ONE used the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program to support the initial test phase of the chatbot, allowing ONE to keep costs down while developing the beta and learning how to improve the product. Once the chatbot went live, the program helped them affordably scale and reach more people with their message. Read more about ONE.

Providing community for siblings in need

SibsForever is a nonprofit created to support and provide a safe community for people who have lived through the loss of a sibling. is a progressive web application that runs on AWS and functions as an online memory book for surviving siblings. By sharing their stories and experiences, the community has become a safe and supportive space for surviving siblings. SibsForever leveraged the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program to cover the entire cost of hosting the SibsForever application and remove the need to use donor funds for that purpose. Read more about SibsForever.

How can the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program benefit your organization?

For nonprofit organizations of all sizes, having access to flexible and cost-efficient IT resources is crucial for managing tasks such as website maintenance, fundraising, and database management. By leveraging the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program, organizations can experience a variety of advantages, some of which include:

  1. The ability to scale and reduce IT costs by eliminating the need to invest in physical infrastructure. Organizations can utilize only the necessary resources as needed, thereby lowering overhead expenses.
  2. Cost-optimization and advanced services that simplify data processing, analysis, and visualization. This empowers nonprofits to make informed targeting and fundraising decisions, thus increasing donations and support.
  3. Global expansion, outreach, and the delivery of solutions in remote locations. This allows staff and volunteers to access necessary resources and tools without requiring long-term licensing agreements, enabling greater efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out the nonprofit’s mission.

Get started with the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program

If you are part of a nonprofit organization and would like to learn more about the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program, please visit the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program website. Start a conversation with our team to learn more about how to access additional resources to support your nonprofit’s AWS journey.

Read more about AWS for nonprofits:

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