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In case you missed it: December 2019 top blog posts round up

From announcements at AWS re:Invent 2019 to building a healthcare data lake, check out what you missed in December on the AWS Public Sector Blog:

Announcing the 2019 AWS City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge winners

The winners of the annual AWS City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge were announced at re:Invent 2019. The annual competition recognizes applicants going above and beyond to innovate for and with their constituents, using the cloud to improve lives. Learn more about the 18 AWS City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge winners.

AWS now able to host Protected B data for the Government of Canada

The Government of Canada signed a framework agreement with AWS to provide Commercially Available Cloud Services for workloads up to the level of Protected B/Medium Integrity/Medium Availability (PBMM). Having a contract vehicle with a Cloud Service Provideris a significant step forward in modernizing digital government for Canadians, and will further the Government of Canada’s Cloud and digital strategy. This contract is in addition to the procurement vehicle for unclassified data announced in 2018. Learn more about the Government of Canada agreement with AWS.

Top highlights from the AWS re:Invent Worldwide Public Sector Breakfast

From a new podcast to challenge winners, AWS shared a lot of news and stories for government, education, and nonprofits at the annual AWS Worldwide Public Sector Breakfast at re:Invent. Learn what you missed at the AWS re:Invent Public Sector Breakfast.

Patient-centered health: How AWS helps patients take control of their own health data

Imagine: Transforming the patient and caregiver experience by streamlining health providers and administrative staff interactions and calculating risk score and clinical decision support systems to offer clinicians actionable insights at the point of care. Establishing healthcare data interoperability interfaces, like FHIR, can help empower patients and improve their care. Learn more about patient-centered health and AWS.

Grand River Hospital builds data lake on AWS, achieves “seamless business continuity”

In 2019, Grand River Hospital turned to AWS to build the first AWS healthcare data lake in Canada. The data lake was built to house the hospital’s sensitive patient and administrative data while retiring its legacy hospital information systems, comprised of electronic patient record and other administrative systems. Learn how Grand Hospital River built their healthcare data lake.


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