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Introducing a New AWS Educate Student Portal and Learning Badges for Students 14-17

To celebrate Computer Science Education week and the Global Hour of Code, AWS Educate has launched a new experience for students between the ages of 14-17.  Students now have access to a new website experience and three new badges with learning content to discover and grow their cloud expertise. The website offers a dynamic, streamlined navigational experience so students can easily dive into interactive challenges and hands-on activities. Teachers can also access supplemental guides for the challenges that map to core computer science principles, enabling both students and teachers to explore, invent, and build.

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AWS Educate Cloud Badges

Students can earn three new AWS Educate cloud badges that meet them where they are in their cloud journey.

  • Cloud Explorer Badge: Students who are newer to the cloud can start here by completing 10 challenges exploring concepts like algorithms, programming, and cybersecurity through real-world examples.
  • Cloud Inventor Badge: Students can keep growing their knowledge with 10 more in-depth challenges on cloud technology, such as how variables and big data are used today.
  • Cloud Builder Badge: For students who are ready to build, this badge includes 14 challenges about the AWS console and services, giving them hands-on experience with AWS by building a website and chatbot.

In addition to the cloud badges, students can use their AWS Educate starter accounts to access the AWS console and resources. If students are ready for more advanced learning, they can tackle the AWS Educate Badges and Cloud Career Pathways.

New Teacher Facilitator Guides and Redesigned Portal

Other updates include the teacher facilitator guides and redesigned student portal.

Teacher Facilitator Guides

The Cloud Explorer and Inventor challenges are paired with facilitator guides – available to download from the AWS Educate Educator Portal – to help teachers lead conversations in the classroom, run supplemental activities, and provide resources for continued learning outside the classroom. Each guide includes how the challenge aligns to the Computer Science Framework from, background information on the challenge topic, a glossary, and focus questions.

Redesigned Student Portal

The student portal has been redesigned to provide students with a gamified, easy-to-use experience and seamless access to the Cloud Badges. Learners can easily navigate to the Badges page to learn more about each badge and get started right away. The new “My Backpack” page lets students easily track their progress toward earning their badges.

These new features add to the global expansion of AWS Educate to students ages 14 and older that was launched last year, bringing access to the cloud and its many applications to high school and secondary school students. As innovation continues to drive the future of technology, the demand for a highly skilled, cloud-enabled workforce remains on the rise.

AWS Educate provides tools for students around the world dreaming of a technology career. With AWS Educate, our global initiative to train the next generation of IT professionals, students and educators can access training, content, and AWS promotional credits to skill up on the cloud.

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